Digital color screen high precision ultrasonic flaw detector / ultrasonic flaw detector

Digital color screen high-precision ultrasonic flaw detector / ultrasonic flaw detector Model: UTL620 Brief introduction Utl620 digital color screen high-precision ultrasonic flaw detector is suitable for manufacturing, steel and metallurgy industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and other fields that require defect detection and quality control, and is also extensive It is used for in-service safety inspection and life assessment in the fields of aerospace, railway transportation, boilers and pressure vessels. Price concessions, economical and practical, and powerful. Digital color screen high-precision ultrasonic flaw detector is an enhanced digital intelligent multi-function ultrasonic flaw detector, using color high-speed wide-temperature industrial-grade TFT_LCD liquid crystal display, leading domestic technical design, fast detection speed, high precision, stable waveform, super small Portable. It is a general-purpose flaw detector with wide application, high performance, high stability and reliability, and powerful functions. It can quickly, conveniently, without damage, and accurately monitor, locate, evaluate, and diagnose various defects within the workpiece (cracks, welds, weld fusion and under-welding, air holes, trachoma, inclusions, folding, etc.). Performance characteristics:? 100 independent flaw detection channels, free to set and store a variety of flaw detection processes and standards, on-site flaw detection without carrying test blocks, high efficiency;? Square wave pulse generator: adjustable amplitude and pulse width, suitable for Detect defects of different materials and workpieces with different depths;? A scanning and B scanning two scanning methods;? DAC weld curve, DGS (AVG) curve suitable for flaw detection of forgings and other workpieces;? With automatic capture function of the peak in the gate; And designed with shortcut keys and digital shuttle wheel. ? With automatic calibration function of straight probe and inclined probe, easy to use;? Surface correction function automatically corrects the detection result of the defect position according to the diameter of the surface. ? Super bright display, strong light, low light environment, clear display in sunlight; choose background color and waveform color according to the environment, LCD brightness can be freely set. ? Full Chinese touch keyboard, full Chinese prompts during operation. The operation is simple and easy to learn; the man-machine dialogue interface, the main menu and the submenu are displayed in the same window. No need to look, it is clear at a glance. The operation is simple and convenient; The waveform and channel parameters can be directly stored in the U disk, or the data stored in the flaw detection can be poured into the U disk at once by disk-disk copy, and then the waveform can be converted by the host computer software And data processing;? Can be connected to a printer, print flaw detection reports and flaw detection waveforms;? Large-capacity lithium battery, low power consumption design, can work continuously for more than 20 hours. The high-performance security battery module is easy to disassemble and recharge, and can be independently charged offline; additional performance features:? Digital true color liquid crystal display TFT display, 16 sets of color screen solutions can be replaced at will. ? Simple and convenient operation, man-machine dialogue interface. ? Detection, recording, up to 1.5 hours of storage, deletion, playback function. ? A scan, B scan;? Welding seam icon, crack sounding, aperture calculation, surface correction, echo envelope, echo coding;? IP56 waterproof and anti-oil pollution design, probe interface protection, flexible probe line up to ten thousand hours Use without damage. ? Dual electric double charge configuration, easy to carry and use the bracket and backpack leather case. Function parameters: Table 1: Model UTL 620 display TFT DAC curve with AVG curve with built-in standard with gate alarm with curve alarm with waveform freeze with flaw detection channel 100 waveform storage 1000 dynamic videos 5min × 20 automatic calibration with pulse amplitude adjustable noise Suppression, peak memory, echo envelope, thickness, B sweep, automatic gain, echo coding, calculated aperture, weld seam, crack sounding, curved surface correction, PC software, battery module 2 Technical parameters: Table 2 Model UTL620 detection Range 0 ~ 9999mm Sound speed range 1000 ~ 9999m / s Gain range 0dB ~ 110dB Display delay -20μs ~ + 3400μs Probe zero offset 0μs ~ 99.99μs Operating frequency 0.2 ~ 15MHz Electrical noise level ≤10% Probe damping 100Ω, 150Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω Repetition frequency 10 ~ 1000Hz Sensitivity margin> 62dB (depth 200mm, Ф2 flat bottom hole) Resolution> 40dB (5P14) Linear suppression 0 ~ 80% (digital suppression) Vertical linear error≤3% Horizontal linear error≤0.1% Dynamic range≥ 32dB pulse type square wave pulse intensity multi-level adjustable pulse width automatic matching / 50 ~ 1000ns Ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ ﹢ 50 ℃ Ambient humidity 20% ~ 95% RH Working time ≥ 20 hours Power supply voltage DC: 7.2V; AC: 220V Size 220 × 175 × 59 (mm) Weight 1.3 kg Including battery Standard configuration: The machine is free to repair for 2 years, except for consumables. UTL620 digital ultrasonic flaw detector host 1 lithium battery pack 23A / 9V power adapter 2 probe connection cable 2 straight probe 2.5MHz? 20 1 inclined probe 5MHz 13 × 13K2 1 leather backpack 1 strap 2 coupling agent 1 Chinese manual and text data 1 computer connection Cable 1 PC communication software (flaw detection report analysis) 1 Teaching installation training CD 1.

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