Main material and description of sports wood floor structure

The sports wood floor structure system is a high shock-absorbing and continuous suspension sports wood floor system. Good sports environment adaptability, bright appearance, durability, simple and convenient maintenance, and the main materials and descriptions of sports wood flooring structure include:

Sports wood floor

1. Moisture-proof film of sports wood floor: polyethylene plastic film;

2. Elastic shock-absorbing pad for sports wood floor: GALLOP shock-absorbing pad, height 10 mm, elastic life of the pad is ideal, elastic padding is continuous and dense (9-12 per square meter), and the greatest degree of guarantee is for sports wood floor system. The realization of sports performance.

3. The main keel of sports wood floor 40×60mm@300 vice keel 30×30mm@500 is fixed to the ground with special steel cement nails and pull-bursting screws to improve the stability of sports wood flooring systems, base fireproof paint, and whole sports wood. Floor system professional pest control and termite treatment.

4. Stable layer of sports wood floor: 15-20mm thick core board full shop.

5. Panels for sports wood floors: The specifications of hard quality maple wood in the north are: thickness 20 mm, width 65 mm, length 300-1000 mm, with grooves and flanges, and a mixed-gauge paving.

6. Nail of sports wood floor: basketball court of sports wood floor wooden floor maple wood panel nails adopt 50 mm L type, strong steel nails for basketball court wood floor; anti-demolition cement nails and pull and burst screws effectively fix the main and auxiliary keels .

7. Putty, Primer and Varnish for Sports Wood Flooring

After polishing the surface of the sports wooden floor with a putty hook to wipe the gap, and then three times the floor paint, floor paint each interval of more than 6 hours, the floor paint with ostrich brand wear special sports wood floor paint.

8, the construction of sports wooden floor foot line 75 meters.

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