Application of Method Development System in the Establishment of Liquid Analysis Methods for 7 Hormones

In this paper, a method for rapid analysis of the conditions of seven hormone drugs by high performance liquid chromatography was established using the Shimadzu HPLC method development system. The method development system can realize the automatic switching and adjustment of the chromatography column and the mobile phase during the development of the liquid chromatography analysis method, which can greatly save the time for the development of the liquid chromatography analysis method. In the development of high-performance liquid phase rapid analysis methods for 7 hormone drugs such as estriol, the method was explored among three chromatographic columns, three mobile phase systems, and 16 gradient conditions. Based on the obtained chromatogram results, each peak Comprehensive evaluation is carried out, and finally the best method for comprehensive evaluation of peak detection number and resolution is the sample analysis method.

Usually, thermoplastics are supplied in the form of pelletised material (compounds) with additives (antioxidants, etc.) already blended in it. However, PVC resin is often supplied in powder form and long term storage is possible since the material is resistant to oxidation and degradation. Various additives and pigments are added to PVC during the processing stage, and the blend is then converted into PVC products.

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