Shanghai Bilang Talking about Safety Common Sense of Using High Temperature Circulation Device

Safety instructions for the use of high temperature circulators:

1. When the water in the work chamber evaporates and the water level is lower than the lowest line, an appropriate amount of water should be added in time.

2. The electrical rated parameters of the power socket provided by the user should be greater than the electrical rated parameters of the machine, and have good grounding measures.

3. When the machine is used at high temperature, the human body should not directly touch the upper part of the instrument to avoid scalding.

4. The environment of the machine should be well ventilated.

5. Before using this product, you should read all the instruction manuals carefully. If you do not follow the instructions, the factory will not be responsible for the adverse consequences.

6. If the wire or plug is damaged or the electrical equipment is faulty, a professional should repair it. The use of accessories not recommended by the manufacturer will cause certain quality problems.

7. The water tank should be filled with an appropriate amount of clean tap water, and the heating pipe should be at least 5 cm below the water surface.

8. Children with children should be supervised.

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