Constant temperature shaker integrates constant temperature incubator and oscillator

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. Haozhuang (LNB) brand double-layer small-capacity air bath thermostatic shaker thermostatic oscillator, also known as thermostatic shaker, is a biochemical instrument for culturing and preparing biological samples. The scientific research, education and production departments such as virus, medicine, environmental protection, etc. are indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation preparation. The constant temperature shaker has stainless steel universal fixture, digital display temperature control, stepless speed regulation and good thermal cycle function. It is a multi-purpose biochemical device and is a scientific research for plants, organisms, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, medicine, etc. , Education and production departments for indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation preparation. It is suitable for shaking culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, strains and other scientific research departments in major universities, petrochemical industry, health and epidemic prevention, and environmental monitoring.

How to choose high-quality double-layer small-capacity air bath thermostatic shaker please refer to the following:

1. It integrates a constant temperature incubator and an oscillator, which saves space, occupies a small area, and has more functions and less investment.

2. The double-layer design has more capacity and less space.

3. The shell is made of high-quality steel plate and the cavity is full mirror stainless steel component, which will never rust.

4. Inclined user-friendly control panel, large-screen backlit LCD screen, more good visual effects.

5. There is a function of operating parameter memory to avoid cumbersome operations and password lock, to prevent human error.

6. There is a call recovery function, which is not affected by the power interruption. The device can automatically resume operation according to the original setting procedure.

7. When the measured temperature deviates from the set temperature by more than 3 ℃, the heating is automatically stopped and an audible and visual alarm is issued.

8.It has a strong and fast refrigeration system, which can realize the cooling requirement instantly and has an automatic frost function.

9. The most advanced high torque motor guarantees continuous work without maintenance.

10. Large viewing angle window and built-in lighting, the whole working state is clear.

11. Silent design of the whole machine, electrostatic spray plastic box, super large tempered glass window, luxurious and beautiful shape.

Note: The Hao Zhuang (LNB) brand does not need to enter the cooling coefficient, and the temperature is fully automatically adjusted to avoid the cumbersome temperature setting (different from other brands). The heating rate can be accelerated or slowed according to the specific requirements of the experiment.

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