Reasons and Solutions for Poor Advertising Printing Eff…

In the printing of newspapers, prepress production and printing are basically out of touch. Once the effect of advertisement printing is poor, the advertising department immediately demands compensation from the printing factory. The reason is that advertisement printing is not good and advertisin-----

Visual Aesthetics in Layout Design of Modern Newspapers

With the development of the newspaper industry, the layout language has become more and more abundant. It conveys the editor's evaluation of news. While reading the newspaper, the reader also virtually accepted the "discourse" of the layout. The layout design will inevitably become a-----

Seductive beauty covers your age

Keeping young is what every woman wants. In order to make myself look younger, many female friends can be said to have done a good job. Skin care, maintenance, and make-up are not leaking, they are exhausted, but they work hard in the eyes. The most immediate. Smooth skin around the eyes, black and-----

Five ways to solve household disputes

Autumn has always been the peak season for decoration. Various disputes are also easy to come by. There are problems in decoration and construction, low quality of the floor and untimely delivery of furniture. In the face of complicated household disputes, most consumers often do not care. Clearly,-----

The furniture market shrinks with the property market d…

The “restriction order” and other property market regulation policies continue to deepen, and the impact on the real estate upstream and downstream industries is increasingly obvious. According to Wu Zhihui, dean of the School of Furniture and Industrial Design of Nanjing Forestry Univ-----

Wooden stick fashion trend chair designed by Markus Joh…

Designed by Swedish designer Markus Johansson, this creative chair breaks the traditional chair design from the formal structure. The chair is made up of simple wooden sticks. The structural design is very clever. The stylish and trendy appearance contains the designer. Longing for a better life. -----

Mahogany furniture is not all "heirloom"

It is reported that the current Zhongshan mahogany furniture industry has accounted for 40% of the national market share. Vice President of the Collection Committee of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society, Cao Jinglou, former director of the Cultural Relics Department of the Palace Museum, senior c-----