Ink drying problem

The process of changing the ink from a fluid state to a solid state is called ink drying. The time required to complete this process is called drying. The drying time is short, the ink drying speed is fast, the drying time is long, and the ink drying speed is slow. The speed of the ink drying has-----

Ordinary waterless offset ink composition

The composition of the waterless offset ink is similar to that of a general offset ink. It is composed of a pigment, a resin binder, a solvent and a diluent, a Qi material, and an auxiliary agent. 1, Pigment Waterless offset inks use pigments similar to normal offset inks except for carbon black-----

Printing gold ink attention to several situations

Gold can give people a sense of grandeur and nobleness. The metallic color of gold sparkles is also unmatched by spectral colors. Therefore, gold ink printing is widely used in packaging and printing processes to improve the image of goods to play a better role. However, since the main raw materia-----

Folding carton screen printing

First, folding cartons The carton is a very important sales package. It mainly plays a role in beautifying goods, promoting sales, increasing the added value of goods, and facilitating portability. It also serves the function of protecting the goods. Cartons are usually whiteboard, cardboard, and-----

Label Printing and Ink Review

This article describes the market development of label printing, and gives a brief overview of the printing performance of various labels and the corresponding inks. Focuses on the in-depth exploration of UV inks used in adhesive products. Keywords: Label Printing, Stickers, UV Ink Labels can be-----

Introduction of biodegradable plastics

At present, there are three types of important biodegradable plastics in foreign countries. The first type is based on natural polymers, the second type is based on polymers synthesized from natural monomers, and the third type is based on the high production of fermentation processes. Polymer bas-----

Imitation plating mirror ink

Imitation plating mirror ink is a special new product, which is not exactly the same as the traditional screen printing ink. It can achieve the same effect as electroplating, even in some places more perfect than the electroplating process, the glittering metallic luster effect of printing is very-----