Surface processor

The Dyne-A-Mite HP(TM) to be introduced here is a three-dimensional air plasma surface processor with a variety of processing head options for professional applications. One option is a compressed air head that provides a strong airflow injection for narrow and grooved products, making the surface-----

Powder and granular packaging bag and its making method

【Abstracts】 The invention discloses a powder and granular package bag and a manufacturing method thereof. The bag body has a square shape, and the bag body has a sealing tape formed by bonding two bag walls on the upper end of the bag body. A line at the upper end of the bag body is p-----

CANOPY Innovative Filling and Sealing Machine

The new generation CANOPY filling and capping machine for the filling of PET bottles manufactured by the French company Serac is an innovative machine. With the existing rotary filling machine is very different. The mechanical part of the filling machine is located in the upper part of the top cov-----

Ampacet Introduces New Transparent LLDPE Film Refresher

Ampacet Corporation has introduced a transparent PE film antiblocking agent masterbatch 102286. This is a brand-new product that can improve the transparency of LLDPE film. It consists of a synergistic inorganic anti-blocking agent, a transparent agent, and an amide-based slip agent, which can imp-----

CHEP Announces Latest RFID Product: 3-in-1 Tag

Recently, CHEP announced their latest RFID innovative 3-in-1 tag at the 7th CGCSA/ECR-SA conference. The 3-in-1 label displayed by CHEP is compatible with electronic coding, barcodes, and human-readable codes. CHEP is an industry leader in RFID application research in the supply chain. In conjunc-----

Study on UV Curable Inks for Laminated Panels (Chinese)

2 Industrialization of Photoetching Hole Method There are many commercial processes for photoconductive vias, of which the SurfaceLam inarCircuits (SLC) launched by IBM in Yasu, Japan, in 1989 were the earliest harbingers. DuPont also introduced a dry film PID in July 1997. Its trade name is ViaL-----

Application of anti-stick packaging materials in chemic…

[Abstract] The present invention relates to the use of anti-stick packaging material in packaging chemicals and foods, in particular fine chemicals such as vitamins, carotenoids, spices and fragrances and pharmaceutical chemicals, as well as their formulations and formulations. . Sovereign Items -----