Children's color mud production - car

Children Choi mud production - small car 1. Take blue and red plasticine into a ball; 2. Press the ball into a cake; 3. Cut into two trapezoids of different sizes; 4. 搓 two black round cakes to make the wheel; 5. combine them, the car is ready DisposableAlu-----

Children's carton handmade - bulldozer production

Making bulldozers Children's carton handmade - bulldozer production Cut a part of the thick paper tube, paint it, then glue it to the front of the box, dig a small window on the small box, and glue the small box to the top of the big box, using color cardboard Decor-----

Remove the regrets left by the years: scars

        Life is not easy. I always encounter various difficulties, such as suddenly scratching my body and leaving a scar. When it comes to this, I want to ask you, do you know how to swear ? Please look below:          Treatments for red acne scars: A) -----

Paper cup handmade - sun flower

Look, here is this little sun flower cut a good father, a good father just handed scissors baby, baby just painted with chalk in the middle. Mom asked the baby to paint the petals of the sun flower with a yellow oil pastel. Baby is working hard. But the baby is too light -----

Raisin VS kiwi, a beauty closer

Fruit beauty is always one of the skin care methods without harm. Moreover, its economy and the beauty potential that exist are irreplaceable products of other beauty products. The skin and core of the raisins have antioxidant effects, and often the surface of the raisins can delay the aging of th-----

Introduction of new methods for increasing the level of…

The Global Plastics Environmental Conference of the SPE (American Plastics Engineering Association) held in Detroit, USA, provided some new developments, including new types of additives that increase the level of recycled PET resin. The new additive introduced at the SPE meeting was Clariant Mas-----

Niu Er teacher's day care exposure

           Skin care is also chasing stars, which seems to be reasonable. After all, there are pioneers, we just need to follow, the following is the exposure of Niu Er teacher's day maintenance method , so that you also learn from the experience. Exposure: Niu Er-----