Pressure sensitive adhesive formula

formula Component dosage /g component dosage /g Polyisobutylene rubber 100 Petroleum ether Appropriate terpene resin 80 Preparation and curing into 20%, 30% two kinds of glue. After gluing, let dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Use This glue uses a temperature of -40 ~ +50 °C, used for bonding polye-----

Environmental friendly NMMO process green packaging fil…

In recent years, due to the serious environmental pollution caused by plastic films, the development and use of biodegradable films has attracted more and more attention. Cellulose, with its rich source and excellent biodegradability, has become an important raw material for synthesizing biodegrad-----

Unique packaging of honey products

At present, new changes have taken place in the way of drinking honey. On the market, there are honey products available for daily consumption. The “Daily Life Honey of the Chinese Bee Bee,” and the “Source” brand of pure natural honey produced by Dalian Hualong Bee Product-----

Screen printing color change

This is a basic article written for inexperienced beginners, but the content contains an important lesson that in order to obtain stable and high-quality prints in the current environment of a printing plant, standards must be established. . The hardest part is often to answer questions that seem-----

Effect of Raw Material Performance on Print Quality Con…

The selection of raw materials in the printing process will have both artistic effects and technical performance on the printed image, and it will also affect the stability of the printed image quality. In addition, the performance of raw materials can also affect production efficiency. Raw materi-----

The latest high-speed automatic carton GT

Bobst's fully automatic GT can ideally complete the gluing line and can also reduce operating costs. The cartoner is located at the exit of the high-speed production line. It can load folded carton packs into shipping containers. The GT allows the customer to increase the production speed of t-----

Open simple and easy bag packaging

Normal >    This section is conducive to consumer use, open convenient bag packaging, mainly used to package Wet Wipes and personal care products. It is a unique envelope bag that consists of a special laminated polyethylene layer that can be peeled off. It is simple to open and e-----