Running high-shear dispersion emulsifying aseptic homogenizer

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand aseptic homogenizer, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Working principle: the precise cooperation between the rotor and the stator, the claw structure of the working head (manufactured by the rotor and stator forgings), bidirectional suction, high shear efficiency. Intermittent high-shear dispersing emulsifying homogenizer is the high-speed, strong circumferential tangential velocity, angular velocity and other comprehensive kinetic energy formed by the high-speed and stable rotation of the rotor. Efficacy; under the action of the stator, a strong and reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, liquid flow collision and other comprehensive effects are formed in the reasonably narrow gap between the stator and the rotor. The material recirculates in the container. Get the product.

Main features

● The international leading pedal embossing function makes crushing more detailed.

● Box door: four reinforced transparent windows to confirm the crushing operation degree.

● Window sensor function (box door handle: start / stop function, red light is on when not closed).

● LED indicator is easy to check the internal homogeneity

● Pedal distance adjustment function: all thick and thin samples can be crushed

● Prompt function: (After the crushing is completed, a buzzer sounds automatically)

● The function of confirming the running status, speed and time through the LCD

● When homogenization starts, the green light flashes.

● At the end of homogenization, the red light is on.


1. Prepare the pre-treated sample and put it into a sterile homogeneous bag.

2. Open the door of the homogenizer (can be fully opened) and clamp the opening of the sterile homogenization bag when closing the door.

3. Select a good program (such as slap speed, slap time, etc.) and start slap homogenization; after homogenization is complete, open the door of the homogenizer, take out the processed sample, and temporarily place it on the sample rack.

Working condition

Operating power: 220V / 60Hz

Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Storage temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Relative humidity: 35% RH ~ 85% RH

Power consumption: 3.6VA

* Control voltage:

DC MOTOR control drive voltage: DC voltage does not exceed 240V

* Auxiliary voltage:

Relay1 voltage: Start voltage Contact capacity: 100mA

Relay2 voltage: End voltage contact capacity: 100mA

* Motor anti-overheating system:

When the operating temperature of the homogenizer reaches 80 ℃, in order to prevent abnormal operation, the machine will terminate the operation by itself to reach a safe state.

* LED display light:

Directly irradiate the internal homogenization condition to achieve both safety and accurate confirmation of the homogenization status.

* Imprint pedal:

It can effectively penetrate the inside of food to achieve the best homogenization effect.

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