Green home kitchen defending can miss

Imagine that you are going home (the router can automatically connect to your mobile phone at the first time, and know who you are). At this time, the preset scene is activated. It may be that the light in the living room is on. It may be that the TV is turned on and adjusted. CCTV-5, it is possible that the coffee machine works, it is possible that the water heater is turned on. These functions are possible in preset scenarios. Or, when you leave home, the router will let some unnecessary work appliances turn off the power... The scenes in these movies are gradually coming into people's lives.

As the saying goes, the state of the kitchen, the kitchen, best reflects the living conditions of a family. If the kitchen is arranged to perfection, make the home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Intelligent is essential. Smart home is a home product that can be linked to technology. It is based on the residential platform, using its integrated wiring technology, communication technology, etc. to develop smart home products suitable for home use to enhance home safety, convenience and comfort.

Smart home gradually enters ordinary people's home

As the pace of people's life continues to accelerate, the era of smart home improvement has already arrived quietly. Traditional home appliance manufacturers have been staring at smart homes. Midea and Haier are actually building smart home systems. The new trend, represented by intelligent home improvement kitchen appliances, is increasingly favored and chosen by consumers.

Intelligent kitchen, truly meeting green standards

If you want the kitchen to meet the green standard of humanity, first of all, it is necessary to reduce noise and reduce pollution.

The word PM2.5 is no longer strange. Now, an experimental test found that the kitchen PM2.5 soared nearly 20 times when cooking. This data really shocked people. PM2.5 has already captured the kitchen position, so how can we be inseparable from the "Chinese style cooking" for three meals a day?

In the face of the harm caused by kitchen PM2.5, environmental experts have given a few tricks to effectively reduce the concentration of PM2.5 in the kitchen: people can reduce some traditional cooking methods, and use more energy-saving and environmentally friendly green cooking methods, such as more Steam, fry and fry. When cooking, the windows must be opened to ensure that there is air in circulation. The range hood should be opened early and closed, even when cooking, it is best to open the range hood to a small file.

Although these few measures by experts can reduce the pollution of PM2.5 in the kitchen to a certain extent, the most fundamental solution is that kitchen appliances need to provide energy-saving and environmentally friendly green products for “Chinese cooking”, reflecting the level of science. the power of. As a must-have tool in the kitchen, the quality of the range hood is directly related to people's health. Lin Neizhi cleaning range hood adopts the thinking wide air inlet and net suction spiral air duct design to lock, separate and inhale the soot, so that the soot can be sucked away at different heights, which can minimize the fumes spill and reduce PM2. .5 The time spent in the kitchen completely solves the problem of large kitchen fumes reflected by most users, bringing a clean and comfortable kitchen environment to the user.

Second, whether it is easy to take care of is also the standard for measuring the kitchen.

Zhi cleaning hood is the direction of kitchen and bathroom companies to compete for research and development. Because of the humanized intelligent operating system, the chip system in the intelligent hood automatically starts the self-cleaning program at the right time, so that the hood can maintain the optimal power balance at the factory. Not only will you stay away from oil, bid farewell to hand washing, avoid the pain of kitchen work, and let you enjoy the cleaner and more convenient cooking fun.

Home intelligence integration, let people look forward to

There are already a lot of smart home devices available on the market, but they are still working independently from each other. I believe that in the near future, there may be an integration that integrates all kinds of household items of various functions in each room into one platform, interconnecting and realizing integrated intelligence.

Smart home is spreading in our lives. On the road of development, with the theme of convenience, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, we provide better help for life, develop more smart home products for people, and also show the power of technology. The greatness of mankind.

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