Seven coat racks help to store more clothes.

[ China Wardrobe ] After the 80s in the city, there is not enough economic strength, life is very frugal, but at the same time want to take care of the room, and they use the coat rack to create another small world for their clothes. For those who have more clothes and usually attend party banquets, clothes hanging are a good choice. They can both be used for drying and easy to pick and place. Xiaobian collects several very nice coat racks for everyone. I hope that Get help in your life.

Coat rack

Overall cloakroom

Recommended reason : industrial iron pipe simple and practical

This industrial iron pipe hanger exudes an industrial scent, made from recycled scrap iron pipes and waste wood, hand-made. Three different heights of iron can suspend clothes of different sizes, and the universal wheel at the bottom of the tray allows you to push the hanger to any position you like. Simple, practical and flexible, produced by stellableudesigns.

Shipping Box

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