Why should we use gray scale in the process of image color separation

The gray scale used in the image color separation process is a continuous gray scale. The gray ladder is a measuring tool to measure the tone of the dichroic film. It has reflection and transmission points. Used for reflective and transmissive drafts, respectively. Graded gray ladders are generally composed of gray blocks with the same area and equal density difference (level 0.15 between each level) at level 21 (also at level 10 or level 30). Stepless gray ladders are those with no obvious change in density. The gray scale is used to represent the original, and the density of the originals is different. Therefore, when the same gray scale is used for different originals, it is necessary to find the same density domain as the density of various originals, and perform copy control on the originals. The method is to first measure the high, medium and low density values ​​of the original, and then find the corresponding high, medium and low three points on the scale as the calibration value, so as to control the tone reproduction, so that the contrast of the original and the gray ladder The three points of the ruler are basically consistent. Only in this way can the tone be properly controlled. The gray ladder ruler can be used as the basis for the balance of the three primary color versions when the color is separated and screened. After the final printing and copying, you can judge the copying of the original according to the gray reproduction of the gray ladder, and evaluate the compression and branding of the tone.

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