National fitness show finals open at the end of the month

At the center of the gorgeous stage, the players performed various demonstrations on the fitness equipment; a huge LED screen showed the scenery of the beach, and more than 30 handsome guys and women held beach volleyball to make cushioning and spiking on the stage... This is the end of this month in the "2012 glory profile cup national fitness show and the Chinese sports model championship finals" will be staged. This event is jointly sponsored by China Sports Industry Association, China Business Sports Association, Danyang Municipal People's Government and Modern Express. The purpose of the event is to allow more people to pay attention to and participate in sports for all, and to promote fitness for all. Yesterday afternoon, the press conference for the National Fitness Expo Finals was held in Danyang City. Zhou Kun, secretary general of the China Sports Industry Association, briefed the media on the preparation of the event. According to reports, the finals of this competition will be held in Danyang from December 28 to December 31. The final selection awards ceremony of the finals will be held on the evening of the 31st, when many style stars will rush to Danyang to help out. .

32 players compete

Beauty is more than 1.70 meters tall

What is special about the "2012 Glory Profile Cup National Fitness Show and China Sports Model Championship Finals" compared to the ordinary model contest? China Sports Industry Association Secretary-General Zhou Kun told reporters: "The main highlight of this contest is the national fitness program. In terms of concept, health is first.Other sports models are particularly skinny and do not look healthy. Our sports finalists in the finals are all healthy and youthful. In contrast, Grace is not their The main factor for inclusion."

Zhou Kun also introduced that “From July 20 to August 30 this year, the national fitness show and the China Sports Modeling Championship were selected in the first eight cities across the country. Every primary contest was very popular and very popular. Many college students are involved and their quality is high. There are one-third of students in professional sports colleges and many are still graduate students.”

Because of the fierce competition, the 32 players in the finals are all outstanding appearance and high overall quality. Each female player's height exceeds 1.70 meters. Zhou Kun smiled and said that the judges in the finals were difficult to choose.

It is understood that in the finals, six male players and 26 female athletes will perform three links. The setting of each link is also unique. In the first session of “community sports”, community fitness path equipment will be placed on the stage. The players will perform various displays on the equipment. “This form will undoubtedly bring the distance between the player and the audience closer, because everyone is in their own community. You can use fitness path equipment to exercise, will attract more people to participate in the exercise." The second part of the "campus sports," the players will be in the stage of the big, middle and elementary school students like to see the sports show, which is the best players One of the links, because they are basically from colleges and universities, have their own sports that are good at. In the third session of “Beach Sports”, players will present items such as beach volleyball and beach soccer on the stage.

After three competitions, the top ranked players will stand out. The finals will be selected: 1 fitness beauty, 2 sunny angels, 1 baby swimwear, 2 online reds, 1 best photo, 2 performance geniuses, and crown, Asian and second runner-up.

Style stars participate in

Beijing Olympic Archery Runner Chen Ling took a break

On the evening of December 31, in the “2012 National Glory Profile Cup National Fitness Show and China Sports Model Championships Finals” held in Danyang, accompanied by meticulously edited dynamic music, the audience can enjoy a thrilling audio-visual feast. By then, 32 players will bring wonderful sports sitcoms to give the audience a feeling of personal involvement.

In addition to model performances, the organizers also invited stylistic stars to help out, because the singer “No Longer Looking Back” was popular with singers Guang Zhi and singers bravely singing, and the women's archery team runner-up at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Chen Ling also Will help out.

"In order to make everyone's atmosphere more heated, we have specially invited Guang Zhi and Yong Yong to sing and there is also the Olympic runner-up Chen Ling. I believe everyone will be more familiar. She is an authentic Danyang person." Zhou Kun revealed.

It is understood that 25-year-old Chen Ling in Danyang fame, there are many sports fans is her fans, the day of the finals will have many people rushed to the finals scene, a glimpse of the style of this archery star.

It is worth mentioning that the main leaders of the State Sports General Administration, Sports Bureau of Jiangsu Province and Danyang City will also attend the finals. Recently, show stars such as the nursery, Huang Biao, Hou Yaohua, Jin Qiaoqiao, Pang Long, Liu Yan and Korean artiste Li Zhenxian also expressed their blessings to the contest through the VCR.

Winners are well treated

Have the opportunity to team up to visit countries such as Austria

For the 32 players participating in the finals, this competition is both a challenge and an opportunity. According to Zhou Kun, Secretary General of the China Sports Industry Association, the winners of this competition will form the “Chinese sports model team” and follow the Chinese sports. Industrial delegations visit Austria and other European countries and have the opportunity to speak for domestic sports brands.

In addition, Zhou Kun also revealed that in the next two years, the national fitness show and the finals of the China Sports Modeling Championship will also be settled in Jiangsu. “In fact, many sports bureaus in Jiangsu have the intention of holding national fitness show competitions. It is also hoped that this event will be held in Jiangsu and will contribute to the promotion of the national fitness campaign in Jiangsu."

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