European style home improvement matching skills

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many people like the luxury atmosphere of European style. How can we do the decoration design of European home in life? What are the matching skills of European style home decoration?

Furniture: It should be commensurate with the European details on the hard decoration. It should be dark, with western retro patterns and very westernized European style furniture, in harmony with the big atmosphere and tone.

Wallpaper: You can choose some unique wallpapers to decorate the room. For example, wallpapers with Bible stories and characters are typical European styles. Stripes and florals are also common in North American styles.

Floor: If it is a duplex house, the floor of the first floor lobby can be paved with stone, which will look atmospheric. If it is a common living room, it is better to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If some floors are used and some are used floor tiles, the room is rather narrow.

Carpet: The main character of the ground in the European style decoration should be carried by the carpet. The comfortable feel of the carpet and the elegant and unique texture complement the matching of Western furniture. The choice is best when the pattern and color are relatively light, and the too fancy ground may conflict with the tranquility of European classical.

Lamps: The shiny steel material lamps are a big failure, and the European style is simply difficult, and the gorgeous crystal lights are best not to be. It can be some light with soft lines or soft light. It is a good choice for wrought iron branches, with a little shape and a little simplicity. Decorative painting: European-style decorated rooms should be matched with cumbersome lines and thicker frames. And it does not exclude the appearance of gold, carving and even looks more grand. On the contrary, this is precisely the style.

Color matching: Most of the European-style background color is white and light, and the furniture is white or dark, but it must be a series, and the style is unified. At the same time, the fabric and texture of some fabrics are very important, the fabrics of linen and canvas are not suitable, and the silk fabrics will be more noble.

When purchasing European-style home accessories, try to pay attention to the style to be elegant. Some inferior European classical style furniture looks very rigid in style, especially the typical details such as curved or vortex decoration. .

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