About the operation of Körbs binding machine (Part 2)

After the above modification, the slotting part of KM470 has been significantly improved, and it is extremely wear-resistant. Generally, it does not need to be replaced within at least one year.

The overall quality of the bound book contains the following 16 quality elements:

1. The spine is centered and not skewed;

2. The cover is positioned accurately (no front-to-back movement);

3. The edges and corners are clear without steel edges, and the back is flat and round;

4. The width of the back of the book is the same;

5. Solid, not short;

6. The side glue is firm and does not overflow;

7. The inside of the book block is non-penetrating;

8. The front and back pages of the book block are not wrinkled;

9. After the glue is cold-set, the level of tensile strength is sufficient (discussed in the previous chapter);

10. The length of the bottom and side glue is enough;

11. The book block is milled through, milled, and does not drop pages;

12. Pull through the slot (discussed in the previous chapter);

13. Moderate glue penetration at both ends (ie moderate amount of glue applied);

14. Whether the content of the book block is correct (to prevent more, less and wrong posts):

15. The thickness of the adhesive layer should reach 0.5 ~ 1.5mm (depending on the thickness of the book).

The following is an analysis of some elements:

In the first item, the author believes that whether the spine word is centered mainly depends on the quality control of the previous process. Specifically, it is the control of printing run and cover cutting. In actual production operations, it is necessary to strengthen management in this area. This also involves the supply of raw materials. For example, the signatures must be collided and bundled to ensure a good material condition during paging, such as hot melt adhesive quality problems, etc.

Item 2, if the product we open is a book cover or has a frame on the cover, it will put forward quite stringent requirements on the front and back movement of the cover, which can be controlled from two aspects. First, the cover must be cut enough Accurate; Second, the positioning of the book block in the book holder should be consistent, and the resistance of the cover in operation should be better.

The third item is the angular problem, which is one of the main appearance quality elements of the paperback book. To achieve a clear angular and natural transition without steel edges, first of all, the clamping force of the book backing forming mechanism in the horizontal direction should be moderate, and it should not be too large. , Too large, easy to form steel edges, too small to form is not true; the vertical adjustment of the support depends on the hardness of the book block and the grams of the cover. Generally, when the book block is hard and the cover gram is large, the support You can hit a little on the plane of the back of the book (that is, hit a height of 0.5 ~ 1mm), otherwise, it should be flat with the ridge plane, or even slightly lower. Secondly, the shaping effect of the spine is related to the time adjustment of the two actions of the support and the clip. The support is up and down, and the clip is horizontal. If the action of the support is completed before the clip, the angle of the back is particularly clear. Completed with the clip at the same time. The corners are not very obvious. And the back is slightly curved. Therefore, the latter is generally suitable for the case with a soft cover, while the former is suitable for the case with a hard cover.

Item 4, due to the effect of folding, there is usually a certain thickness difference between the two ends of the book block, which is easy to cause the inconsistency of the upper and lower widths of the book back. At this time, as well as the height adjustment at both ends of the supporter to correct and make up. However, when the book block is thick, the difference between the upper and lower thicknesses also increases. At this time, it is best to take flattening measures to reduce this thickness difference.

Item 7 is the problem of glue penetration inside the book block. There are three reasons for this phenomenon: first, the distance between the bottom end of the book holder and the back of the book is too large, and the book block is easy to open after being milled by the milling cutter, and there is glue leakage when gluing; second, the gluing of the rubber wheel The amount is too large, too high, the glue is squeezed into the book block when gluing, causing glue leakage; the third is caused by too high support. As long as the above three aspects are adjusted, this phenomenon can be avoided.

Item 8, the book block is easy to wrinkle before and after, which is also one of the headaches. So what is the cause of wrinkling? After analysis, it is not difficult to see the following points: ① the book block is soft, and if necessary, it can be lined with front and rear rings; ② the amount of bottom glue and side glue is too large; the bottom rubber wheel is too high; ③ the indentation width ratio of the cover The thickness of the back of the book is small, it should be slightly larger than the thickness of the back of the book; ④ The cover is too hard. At this time, the indentation should be deepened and pressed into place to fully eliminate the internal stress of the cover paper; ⑤ Excessive support or non-parallel to the back of the book. In the actual operation, we must find the main reason to solve it, and then use the remaining aspects to assist in adjustment. The wrinkling problem should not be difficult to overcome.

Let's talk about the thickness of the glue layer. In general, under the premise of full book bonding strength and no empty back, the adhesive layer should be thin and not thick. First, from the aesthetic appearance, the book back is well formed when the adhesive layer is thin, and the round back is easy to appear when it is thick. It is economically considered that the waste caused by the thick adhesive layer and increased costs cannot be underestimated. However, when binding a book with a thickness greater than 20 mm, as the thickness of the book block increases, the glue layer should also be thickened accordingly to ensure sufficient strength of the book back.

Finally, we must do our best to meet the needs of our customers, which is the only measure of the overall quality of our products and our ultimate pursuit.

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