Da Vinci's home-made fake door was forced to sell for one and a half years in stock pressure

There will always be dramatic changes in things, and when the Da Vinci home is facing pressure from funds, sales, inventory and brands, the BTG Group has emerged. Recently, some media reported that the BTG Group became the single largest shareholder of Da Vinci's home, accounting for 33.8% of the shares, and the remaining shares were half of the current chairman Pan Dongni and another Chinese entrepreneur. After the completion of the reorganization, Liu Yi, president of BTG Group, will be the new chairman of Da Vinci Home in early 2013. Pan Zhuang Xiuhua, the former general manager of Da Vinci Home, will continue to serve as CEO.

"Da Vinci has found a good backing, solved its expansion funds, government and other resource issues, and can dilute its bad brand influence in the early stage. I think it is a win-win situation." Lu Ding of the legal representative of Shanghai Dili Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. "Investor News" reporter said.

For this time, Da Vinci said that the BTG Group has two major businesses, namely, tourist hotel and retail business, with Yansha Friendship Shopping Mall and Xidan Shopping Mall. In the future, it can cooperate with Da Vinci in the retail field. .

Regarding the direction of future cooperation, Huang Zhixin told reporters: "The general direction is there, but the detailed plan is not fixed. The general direction is how the BTG Group will cooperate according to the international brands in Da Vinci's hands. As for the shopping malls or hotels, there is no fixed. International brands are not just home, but also shoes and bags."

In fact, the first contact between Da Vinci and the BTG Group should be in 2010. At that time, the Beijing Friendship Store under the BTG Group introduced Da Vinci Home and wanted to seek transformation. But it seems that it has not been successful. At present, the Beijing Friendship Store is still losing money.

Although Da Vinci’s cooperation plan with the BTG Group has not been decided, Da Vinci’s home has already been well aware of its own development.

In 2013, Da Vinci Home will launch the “American Yimei” imported home franchise store. This store will focus on American-style homes. The decoration price is positioned at 3,000-4,000 yuan per square meter, with white-collar and gold-collar as sales targets.

"In fact, this plan started from three years ago, and is a cooperation with a US home brand. First, they produce homes in Asia, we hope to transform to close to Chinese consumers; second, these homes are not shipped back to the United States, but directly For Da Vinci home, the price can be 30%~40% lower, let us improve the cost performance and expand the market." Huang Zhixin said that this is the biggest goal of Da Vinci's new year.

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