Lightweight outdoor good things ---- Freelander N10GPS outdoor sports watch

I have used several kinds of GPS, but they are all handhelds. After I get a Freelander N10GPS outdoor sports watch, I feel that if the performance is superior, it can be further lightweight outdoor equipment. The handheld is not as convenient as a watch after all. Watches are packaged and styled on the Internet. They do not look for themselves. They are used to borrow:


Beautifully packaged, colors are tempting. It contains a copy of the watch operation guide and software use guide, a USB data cable and a charger, the watch has a thick texture, black and yellow with more eye-catching. The dial-shaped dial with a round dial and a large, soft rubber strap are worn on the wrist. It's very manly. It fits well with the style of outdoor sports.

Filling the power up the weekend with the beginning of the mountain, first go to the Xiangshan to the botanical garden can not be cooked, the first use is not very skilled, took a few minutes to find the GPS signal, did not take the camera so there is no camera, look back Look at the data analysis. First, connect the cradle and the computer with a USB cable on the computer. Then follow the computer prompts to install the driver. Then install the watch's data processing software. After the installation, open the software and ask to input the user's name, height, and weight. This is to analyze the calories consumed during exercise. Then the software required to enter the serial number, the manual does not prompt the need to enter the serial number, do not enter will automatically close the program, after some search and found that the serial number is attached to the random CD under the paper bag, enter the serial number After the program starts running, place the watch in the correct direction and press the buckle. This software interface is very friendly, I basically did not look at its use instructions to master the operation, select "into the track" in the software, the program begins to read the track just recorded in the watch


Unlike ordinary GPS handsets, there is more calories in the data. All the other data are recorded in a more realistic manner. The highest point of this route is that we are all familiar with winning æ´¼ 646 meters above sea level and about 9 kilometers in total. No satellite signal was found due to inexperienced walking phase. Recorded a short distance)

Detailed time, move time, stop time, total rise time, total drop time, and plane are recorded on the time page


The total distance traveled, total ascent distance, total descent distance and plane are recorded on the distance page


Speed ​​page records movement speed, average speed, maximum speed, ascent speed, descent speed, and plane


The height page records total ascent, total ascent, net altitude variation (ie, cumulative climb height), and slope data. The above data is applicable to various sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, swimming, running and cycling. Some of these items are for one of the above items. These functions are well-placed, and I like one.


Look at the browse trajectory page in the software. This map is already done in the software. Now it is not known whether the map can be updated and upgraded. There is no contour map with a little regret, but it does not affect the import of trajectories. Browse to other maps with contour lines, this is a side dish for people playing outdoor tracks and maps.


Look at the track point page, this watch's manual describes the record track is a track point interval of 5,6 seconds, for the watch GPS is already very good, after all, the size of the watch limits the built-in storage space. The next day, I went to the Great Wall at the junction of Miyun and Hebei Xinglong, and continued to test this watch. This time because it was a route that I hadn't traveled before, I took a good handheld GPS to do more accurate navigation. After all, this The Freelander’s guidance function is a destination for a destination, and the overly complicated mountain road on the route is worried about mistakes. This time I took a photo of a set of watches


This shows the current altitude and coordinates. The pointer at the lower right of the dial is pointing to the current walking direction. The black circles on the dial indicate the position of the scale. After moving letters and numbers, you can accurately determine which specific position you are walking to. The bottom left shows the current elevation of 671 meters. The middle and top are the current coordinates. The top middle is the GPS signal strength, and the upper left corner is the GPS battery power.


This is the speed screen, the lower left corner is the current speed, the middle is the total movement time, and the top is the current time.


This is the total trip screen. The lower left corner is the current total walking distance, and the middle and the top are still the current GPS coordinates.

Now that you have a handheld device, just compare the data and see the accuracy of the battery on this GPS watch.


The watch shows 662 meters above sea level, and the Garmin handheld is 670 meters. Compared to the accuracy of this Garmin 62sc, the accuracy of the Freelander N10 is still quite good.
There was an episode in which the climb accidentally hit the key of the watch and stopped the trajectory recording. So the record was re-recorded. The search for the star was fast, but a complete trajectory was divided into two sections. It was a bit depressed, because it was necessary to keep The trajectory is used for future navigation. Even if you go home and connect to a computer to read and browse the trajectory, you are surprised to find that the software has a function of merging trajectories, so try to select the two trajectories recorded on the same day. Select the "merge trajectory" and follow the prompts to enter the trajectory name. The trajectory was successfully merged. This feature made me quite satisfied. Take a look at the pre-merger and post-merger screenshots.



This is the two tracks before the merge


This is the complete track after the merger

There is also an "Edit Track" function in the software to modify the track's color, name, departure name, and destination name. Some other functions can be easily operated according to the instructions in the software instruction manual. This will not be introduced one by one here. There is also an important function of course is to export the recorded track to the computer, this is very simple, first check the exported track, and then select the "Export track" in the pop-up dialog box, select the file format you want to export (The format selection is for the convenience of other users' different GPS devices). It is OK to select the file directory to be saved.


The night before yesterday, a couple of friends accompanied him to work in the swimming pool and went swimming with N10, a Freelander, for more than two hours. Everything was normal and the water was OK. These uses are in the coldest days in Beijing, the highest -5 degrees during the day, the lithium battery life in the watch basically reached the standard in the specification, may consume slightly more power than normal weather, which is also a normal phenomenon Multi-day outdoor activities can be charged with mobile power. The 2013 New Year's Emei Mountain trip tested the superior performance of the N10 in a low-temperature environment. At that time, at an elevation of more than 2,800 meters above sea level in Emei Mountain, the ambient temperature was close to -10 degrees below zero. The test altitude was basically the same as that of the Jiaming 62sc, but it was on the way up. The measurement speed is faster. When it stays for about 10 seconds, the Freelander N10's altitude data is almost the same as 62sc.





Summary: This Freelander N10 outdoor sports watch GPS has achieved a relatively high level of appearance, workmanship, and performance. It is also very convenient to use and operate. Daily outdoor climbing, cycling, swimming, running can be easily performed. There is no need to affect outdoor climbing by holding a hand with one hand.

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