Plastic floor heating pipes will bring great innovation to the building materials market

With the promulgation of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's urbanization process will accelerate even more year by year. For every 1% increase in urbanization level, the urban water consumption needs to be increased by 3.2 billion cubic meters. Therefore, the output of plastic pipes is expected to remain at an average annual rate of 15%. The compound growth rate around %. After more than ten years of development, Aikang, which is known for creating a healthy water environment and providing the best quality pipeline products and technical services, has become a first-class high-quality pipeline production and export enterprise in Asia. It has enabled Aikang to greatly increase its production capacity and meet the market demand of “Poly Pipeline” (the brand of Aikang) which is in short supply.

China's plastic pipe has developed into an important product in plastic products. Chemical building materials are the fourth largest new building materials emerging in the contemporary era after steel, wood and cement. Plastic pipes, plastic profiles, doors and windows are the two main varieties used in chemical building materials. Since 1994, the Chinese government has jointly organized and issued the “National Chemical Building Materials Coordination Leading Group” jointly organized by the Ministry of Construction, the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, the former China Light Industry Association, the State Building Materials Bureau and the former China Petrochemical Corporation. In the development of chemical building materials, planning, policies, and specifications, in just a few years, China's plastic pipes, profiles, doors and windows have achieved rapid development. The national plastic pipe production capacity in 1994 was 240,000 tons, and the output was 150,000. Tons, the capacity in 2000 was 1.64 million tons, the output was 1 million tons (including PVC-U pipe production of about 500,000 tons), the production line of pipe material has reached more than 2,000, and the production scale of hard polyvinyl chloride pipe is more than 10,000 tons. There are more than 30 enterprises across the country.

The traditional pipe network is mainly steel pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipe and clay pipe. The traditional pipe materials generally have the characteristics of high energy consumption and easy environmental pollution. At the same time, the pipe network also has the following disadvantages: 1 short service life, generally 5-10 years; 2 poor chemical and corrosion resistance; 3 poor water conservancy performance; 4 high construction cost, long cycle; 5 poor overall integrity, easy to leak and so on. Since the mid-20th century, countries around the world, especially developed countries, have been developing plastic pipe materials and the use of plastic pipes.

Plastic pipes have developed very rapidly in the past decade. In domestic and industrial applications, plastic pipes are increasingly favored for their environmental protection and safety, playing an important and irreplaceable role. Especially in the construction industry, plastic pipes can not only replace steel, substitute wood, replace traditional building materials, but also have the advantages of energy saving, material saving, ecological protection, improvement of living environment, improvement of building function and quality, reduction of building weight and ease of completion. It is widely used in construction water supply and drainage, urban water supply and drainage, gas pipes and other fields; the growth rate of plastic pipes is about 4 times of the average growth rate of pipes, which is much higher than the growth rate of national economy in various countries. Replacing cast iron pipes and galvanized steel pipes with environmentally friendly green plastic pipes has become the trend of development in the new century. Plastic pipes have been successfully developed and widely used in developed countries, especially in Europe. The development in China is relatively lagging behind, but in recent years, with the enhancement of China's overall national strength and the improvement of people's living standards, plastic pipes have been advancing by leaps and bounds. development of.

The variety and application of plastic pipe has developed rapidly in the past few years. At present, China's plastic pipe has developed into a building material industry with more complete varieties and relatively large production capacity. The main plastic pipe types are: UPVC pipe, CPVC pipe, PE pipe. , PAP pipe, PE-X pipe, PP-B pipe, PP-R pipe, PB pipe, ABS pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, glass fiber reinforced pipe and so on. Widely used in construction water supply pipes, drainage pipes, urban buried water supply pipes, drainage pipes, gas pipes, rural water supply and drainage pipes, irrigation pipes, industrial sewage discharge water and chemical fluids, etc., to meet the various fields of the national economy. Different needs of pipes. We should develop and produce certain types of plastic pipes according to the characteristics and applications of various pipes.

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