Box type rain test box entry knowledge

The box type rain test chamber is one of the enclosure protection grades, IPX3 and IPX4. The protection waterproof rating is suitable for external lighting and signaling devices and automotive lamp housing protection. It can provide realistic analog electronic products and their components in transportation and Various environments such as water spray and spray test may be used during use to achieve waterproof performance of various products. The following is a brief introduction to the box-type rain test chamber:
First, the product model:
Model Studio size D×W×H Dimensions D×W×H
YSL-LX-500 800×800×800mm 900×1200×1100mm
YSL-LX-010 1020×1200×1000mm 1200×1600×1800mm
Second, specifications and technical parameters Swing pipe spray aperture: 0.4
Sprinkler spacing: 50mm
Spray ring radius: R400mm/R500mm
Sprinkler pipe diameter: φ18mm
Pendulum swing angle: ±45°, ±60°, ±90°
Swing speed adjustment: stepless speed regulation Spray water pressure: about 50~100kpa adjustable Test time: 1~9999 seconds minute hour adjustable test bench speed: 1~5±1r/min

Number of water spray: 23

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