Freeze dryer defrosting solenoid valve installed in the machine

Principle: The humid high-temperature compressed air flows into the pre-cooler (for high-temperature type), and then flows into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the cold air discharged from the evaporator, so that the temperature of the compressed air entering the evaporator is lowered. The heat exchanged compressed air flows into the evaporator through the heat exchange function of the evaporator and exchanges heat with the refrigerant. The heat in the compressed air is taken away by the refrigerant, the compressed air is rapidly cooled, and the moisture in the humid air reaches a saturation temperature and rapidly condenses. The condensed water is agglomerated to form water droplets, which are rotated at a high speed by a unique gas-water separator. The water is separated from the air by the action of centrifugal force, and the water is discharged from the automatic drain valve after separation. The air pressure dew point after cooling is as low as 2 °C. The cooled cold air flows through the air heat exchange and exchanges heat with the hot humid air of the inlet. The heat exchanged cold air raises the temperature by absorbing the heat of the inlet air, and the compressed air passes through the secondary condenser of the refrigeration system. (Peer-independent design) Re-heat exchange with high-temperature refrigerant to fully heat the outlet temperature to ensure that the outlet air line does not condense. At the same time, the cold source of the outlet air is fully utilized to ensure the condensation effect of the machine's refrigeration system and ensure the air quality of the machine outlet.

The main controller 1, ON/OFF button switch is installed on the instrument panel of the machine to control the operation and stop of the machine. 2. The high and low pressure protection switch of the refrigeration system is installed in the machine platform to control the pressure at the high pressure end and the low pressure end of the refrigeration system, so as to avoid damage to the equipment caused by the pressure of the machine platform exceeding the scope of use. 3. The defrosting solenoid valve is installed in the machine table to control the condensing pressure of the machine, to avoid the condensing pressure of the machine is too low, causing the evaporator to block the ice.
Main instrument and main control switch of the machine: The main instrument of the machine consists of compressor air pressure gauge, refrigerant high pressure gauge and refrigerant low pressure gauge; the main controller consists of ON/OFF button switch, freezing system high and low protection switch and antifreeze switch. . 1. The air pressure gauge is installed on the instrument panel to display the pressure of the compressed air of the machine. The table consists of several scales. The lower part of the table, Mpa and medium Kg/CM2, represent the unit value of pressure. When reading the pressure value, observe the scale value corresponding to the pointer on the table and add its relative unit value. 2. The refrigerant low meter is installed on the instrument panel to display the pressure or temperature of the low pressure end of the refrigeration system. The meter is composed of several scales, and the reading method is the same as the high pressure meter.
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