New type of dishwasher inner barrel material stability test method and test system

Exposure to chemicals can cause yellowing, softening, cracking or cracking of plastics. Once the softening and swelling of the plastic occurs, its weight will increase and the tensile strength will decrease; and cracking or cracking will result in a decrease in elongation. Crystalline polymers generally have lower viscosity and flowability, compared to amorphous polymers having higher viscosity and poor chemical resistance. Therefore, a workpiece molded from a crystalline resin is generally low in stress resistance and high in chemical resistance. Due to the excellent chemical resistance of plastics, especially polypropylene, polypropylene is an economical alternative to stainless steel in the interior of the dishwasher. Despite the high chemical resistance of polypropylene (the best among all plastics), we still need to find ways to test the test and test system for the stability of this plastic.

Because without a special stable test system, polypropylene can be destroyed and destroyed in the extremely harsh environment of the drum in the dishwasher. Test results show that unstable materials will change color in a short time. Although this discoloration does not affect the mechanical properties of the material, it is a result we do not want to see, because it will affect the appearance of the product.

Since the development of a new type of dishwasher inner bucket must be completed in the shortest possible time, a dynamic computer simulation program was used to simulate the fall test, just like the computer simulation of a car fall test in the automotive industry. 456*789: Available for these calculations, this is a general-purpose explicit finite element analysis program that simulates the nonlinear dynamic response of structures and mechanical components. Based on these kinetic calculations and simulations, we can directly design the inner tub of the dishwasher without the need for actual testing, which greatly reduces development time and development costs. Material Data to Calculate Currently, when an engineered polymer needs to be applied to various structures, it is necessary to understand the strain rate of the material and the deformation of the plastic caused by temperature.

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