How to do facial moisturizing

In the summer, our skin's oil secretion is strong. Many men's faces are often full of shine. When the cleaning is not complete and not timely, there will be acne, so many men are doing facial oiling. What is the role of toner? It can control the secretion of oil, and can restore the skin's pH value, regulate the cuticle and moisturize the skin. So the toner moisturizing is our first step.

How to do facial oil, the first step of toner moisturizing

Oil Control Lotion exactly how to use?

If you use toner as the last step in cleansing, you can remove the marks from your face. Then you should use the cotton piece to wipe from the bottom up, and "press" a few times on the nose, forehead, and chin, and then use your hands to "fan" the face. The cotton piece is best to absorb the toner but not to remove the water droplets. If the cotton piece is too dry, it is also a nuisance to leave the cotton wool on the face.

If you use toner because you like the cool feeling on your face, you can pour the toner on your palm and then “shoot” with your hands. Then use your fingers to “bounce” a few laps of piano on your face to help infiltrate and make epidermal cells. More flexible.

Make full use of the effect of shrinking pores of toner, can play a very good oil control effect, which is very good for the oil secretion MM is very good. And most oil-control toners contain cleansing and oil-absorbing ingredients that effectively remove excess oil from the face and create a dry facial skin.

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