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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The built-in cloakroom is usually drilled into the wall, we can only see the cabinet door. It has some advantages. We all know that it is space saving. It is the best choice for small units. Some people like fashion sense, and they can also remove the door. If you belong to someone who has no control over shopping, you should choose a wardrobe that is affordable and has a lot of capacity.

Built-in wardrobe design

The built-in cloakroom is more economical and easy to clean. According to the space shape, a set of wardrobe doors and a room with a large internal partition space can be made according to the space of an area of ​​more than 4 square meters, and the cloakroom is preferably connected between the master bedroom and the bathroom. In the spacious bathroom, you can use the entrance to make a row of wardrobes and set up a large-area mirror to extend the vision. With a mezzanine layout, the mezzanine can be used to make a simple cloakroom with a corridor ladder. The size of the cloakroom does not have to be large, and a large amount of clothing can be stored by using shelves, drawers, and the like.

Bedroom wardrobe design

Suitable for : families with small house size. If you can find a space with an area of ​​more than 4 square meters, you can consider asking the professional furniture factory to make several sets of wardrobe doors and internal compartments according to the shape of the space to create a built-in cloakroom. It is a space for storing clothes.

Advantages and Disadvantages : Relatively saving area, high space utilization, easy to keep clean.

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