[Imperial recommendation] ARC'TERYX Archaeopteryx Altra Lightweight Travel Backpack 50L $149.93

ARC'TERYX Archaeopteryx from Canada is one of the top outdoor brands. Its sports backpacks and jackets have won many awards in various competitions and are one of the preferred brands for outdoor sports enthusiasts. This Altra collection of lightweight travel Bags is designed for weekend trips or multi-day trips. Combined with Arc'teryx C2 (composite structure) carrying system, N210r-HT high toughness ripstop nylon; HDPE molded back pad containing Hypercell foam material, m-bar lightweight aluminum bracket, providing support and perfectly transferring weight Lighter materials, breathable suspension components make travel more convenient. Comes with WINGMAN double bag, double top cover and front kangaroo pocket.

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REI's current green specials to 149.93 US dollars, about 50% off the original price, to about 1060 yuan, the domestic purchase minimum is about 2,000 yuan, compared to Haitao has a certain price advantage and fidelity. Friends who like Archaeopteryx may wish to consider starting ~

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Purchase Portal: http://?cm_mmc=aff_AL-_-142434-_-176590-_-Custom+Link&avad=176590_e825d8e9&url=http%3A%2F%2FFproduct%2F847296%2Farcteryx-altra-50-pack%3Fcm_mmc%3Daff_AL -_-142434-_-176590-_-Custom%2BLink%26avad%3D176590_e825d8e9&avad=176590_e825d8e9

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