Mix and match style villa decoration is not a walk-in cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] villa decoration, if the style is too uniform, it will appear to be cautious and monotonous. If you can accept something more personal, then the mix and match style is good, according to each area to customize different feelings, the living room and restaurant are not only for their own use, but also the places that the guests can see, so try to be simple and atmospheric, the bedroom is relatively closed, Can play freely. The cloakroom is the most private and practical, and the walk-in closet is perfect for villa renovations.

Villa cloakroom design

Design area : living room TV wall design

Case Comment : In order to highlight the mansion, Cheng Yu designed to use the metal bricks and indirect light to spread the black cloud stone TV wall.

Walk-in closet design

Design area : restaurant ceiling design

Case Comment : In the restaurant's smallpox, the exquisite black mirror engraved glass gives the banquet hall a noble texture.

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