What are the specifications of the toilet standard size toilet products?

Speaking of the most indispensable bathroom products in the home space, the toilet is one of them, which solves the problem of our physical pull, but do we know the size of the toilet? When buying a toilet, we will find that the size of the toilet is a big problem we will encounter when buying. Next, let's take a closer look at the standard size of the toilet .

One-piece toilet standard size

The standard size of the one-piece toilet is: the height from the top to the bottom of the water tank against the wall: 750mm ~ 830mm; the height of the seat to the one-piece toilet: 360mm ~ 430mm; the width of the one-piece toilet: 680mm ~ 730mm.

Children's toilet standard size

The standard size of the children's toilet is: 530 * 285 * 500mm; the pit distance is: 200 / 250mm, it is also the general size on the market, and most children use this size.

Standard sizes of toilets with different shapes

The standard sizes of toilets with different shapes are different, generally 30CM-50CM. Even the slightly fatter, the width of 1250px is completely usable. The height of the toilet is about 1750px, the length is about 1750px, and the minimum is 1550px. This is a customary rule! Finally, the toilet caliber is 30 cm and 40 cm, and 35 cm is also available.

Toilet standard size details

The standard size of some toilets also needs to be understood, for example, 70cm * 40cm is the size of the toilet floor area. But to put a toilet at least 80 * 128 space is required 80 is the comfortable size of the legs when the human body sits and squats. 128 is the minimum size of leaning forward when sitting in a squat. The width of the toilet is 450 * 700. But these are the size of the appliance, not the size used, for example, the toilet, you need to leave 1000 * 1000 space to use.

Toilet pit size

The standard of the toilet is the pit distance. The popular point is the distance between the drain and the wall. The size is usually 750px to 1000px, which is generally determined according to the size of the bathroom. So before buying a toilet, you need to know the distance between the water on the left side of the bathroom and the wall. If the bathroom has not been paved with wall tiles, the measurement is to reduce the thickness (generally 3-100px).

The national construction standard of the house toilet pit distance is 300CM. The toilet on the market is 280-290CM, and it must be left 1 cm behind, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the above is mostly the distance between the wall and floor tiles. The pit with 300CM is commonly used, 390CM is an old house or built by yourself, 250CM is rarely! The size of the toilet is different, one style and one size. If you choose the ground row for the toilet, this hole is generally 30 cm. This is the standard size!

The general area occupied by the toilet: 370 × 600mm, the size of the toilet ring: the normal standard is generally 300-400mm, and the non-national standard is 350mm. The size of the water tank and the sewage pipe is also very important. The water tank has 15L, 13.5L, 9L, 6L. The diameter of the general toilet sewage is usually 30 cm and 40 cm, and 35 cm is also available. The toilet sewage pipe is generally The outer diameter is 110mm.

The above is a general introduction to the standard size of the toilet . I hope it will help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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