What are the advantages, disadvantages and prices of diatom mud?

What is diatom mud ? Recently, I have heard many people talk about diatom mud. Nowadays, many families are more inclined to choose diatom mud in the materials used to decorate the background wall of houses. In fact, diatom mud is a brand new wall material. The product is mainly used for wall decoration, and it has gradually become a trend for people to choose decoration materials. What is such a popular diatom mud ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud? Let's discuss it together!

1. Brief introduction of diatom mud

The main material of diatom mud is diatomite, which is a natural and environmentally friendly indoor healthy decorative wall material, which has the functions of adjusting humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, purifying air and so on. It does not add chemical adhesives, photocatalysts and other chemical additives. It is packaged separately and is not a liquid barrel. It can be used for construction, painting on walls and making patterns, etc., like mud, so it is called diatom mud.

Second, the advantages of diatom mud

Diatom mud itself does not have any pollution, and has multiple functions, which is unmatched by traditional paints such as latex paint and wallpaper. Diatom mud has no taste during the construction of diatom mud.

1. Natural environmental protection. Diatom mud wall material is composed of pure natural inorganic materials, does not contain any harmful substances and harmful additives, the material itself is pure green environmental protection products. The main component of diatom minerals is widely used in beauty masks, beer and food filtration.

2. Purify the air. Diatom mud products have a unique "molecular sieve" structure and selective adsorption performance, which can effectively remove free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air and odors caused by pets, smoking, garbage, and purify indoor air.

3. Soft colors. The diatom mud is selected with inorganic pigments for soft color. When people live in a room coated with diatom mud, the reflected light on the wall is natural and soft, and people are not prone to visual fatigue, which effectively protects the vision of you and your family, especially for children. At the same time, the diatom mud wall has a long-lasting color and is not easy to fade. The wall is new for a long time, which increases the life of the wall, reduces the number of wall decorations, and saves the cost of the room.

4. Fire retardant. Diatom mud is composed of inorganic materials, so it does not burn, and even if a fire occurs, it will not emit any harmful smoke. When the temperature rises to 1300 ℃, the diatom mud only appears in a molten state, and no harmful gas and other fumes will be generated.

5. Breathing and humidity control. With the change of ambient air temperature in different seasons and sooner or later, diatom mud can absorb or release water, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity, so that it reaches a relative balance.

6. Sound absorption and noise reduction. Due to the molecular structure of diatom mud, it has a strong noise reduction function, which can effectively absorb high-frequency sounds harmful to the human body and attenuate low-frequency noise. Its efficacy is more than twice that of cement mortar and stone slabs of the same thickness, and it can shorten the reverberation time by 50%, which greatly reduces the harm of noise to people and creates a peaceful sleeping environment.

7. Craftsmanship. The construction process of diatom mud can be completed by traditional craftsmanship and special tools according to different requirements and preferences of customers. The diatom mud has rich texture, intimate and natural effect, vivid and true texture, and has a strong artistic appeal.

8. No dust. Diatom mud is not easy to generate static electricity, and the wall surface is not easy to fall dust.

9. Over time. The service life of diatom mud can reach more than 30 years, which is long-lasting.

10. Thermal insulation. Diatomite, the main component of diatom mud, has a very low thermal conductivity. It is an ideal thermal insulation material and has very good thermal insulation performance. Its thermal insulation effect is 6 times that of cement mortar of the same thickness.

3. Disadvantages of diatom mud

1. The water absorption is too good

The diatom mud is very absorbent, as long as it touches the water, it will be sucked in, and then the diatom mud will become very thin like cement, which brings certain difficulty for cleaning the wall, therefore, If the background wall decorated with diatom mud is dirty, it is recommended that you deal with it in a targeted manner. Never use a damp cloth to scrub, otherwise it will easily lose the original shape.

2. The colors are not gorgeous, the shape is less

Compared with wallpaper, the background wall made of diatom mud is not as colorful as the background wall made of wallpaper, and the shape produced is relatively small, which is relatively difficult to satisfy the individual who pursues personality.

3. The price of diatom mud is relatively high

The price of diatom mud in the market is very high, generally more than three or four hundred yuan per square meter. Compared with the price of wallpaper, it can be described by the world.

4. Poor feel

The background wall made of diatom mud is rough and feelless. Of course, the background wall is mostly used for viewing rather than touching, which is only a small defect.

4. The price of diatom mud

The diatom mud is non-toxic and harmless, absorbs formaldehyde, absorbs moisture and moisture, and is soundproof and radiation proof. The price per square meter of diatom mud is similar to that of wallpaper, including labor costs and design costs. The market price of diatom mud is about 120 square meters.

Different brands and models of diatom mud prices are different. In general, the price of diatom mud is generally between 120 and 400 yuan per square.

Craft Type Craft Number Product Type Retail Price

Handmade texture YYDJ-001 Golden round diatom mud 368 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-002 cloth diatom mud 368 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-003 medium-sized vertical bark diatom mud or white carbon black batch material 398 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-003 medium cross bark diatom mud or white carbon black batch material 398 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-003 large vertical bark diatom mud or white carbon black batch material 428 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-004 fan-shaped white carbon black batch material 428 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-005 travertine diatom mud 398 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-006 small ceramic white carbon black fabric 688 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-007 large ceramic grain diatom mud or white carbon black batch material 428 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-008 Tian Zige diatom mud 368 yuan

Manual texture YYDJ-009 fine flow diatom mud 368 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-010 scrabble white carbon black batch background color stem: 003 complexion: 368 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-011 charm diatom mud base color stem: 003 complexion: 368 yuan

Handmade texture YYDJ-013 mimic silk diatom mud 368 yuan

Editor's summary: The above is an introduction about what diatom mud is, the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud, and the price. I hope it will help everyone. Diatom mud is a popular wall material now. It avoids some environmentally friendly factors of latex paint and wall paint, making home decoration more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient. Therefore, it is welcomed by consumers.

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