China good porch fresh and practical mini wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] porch, whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, is a landscape, foyer, corner, window, shackle, etc. If you are willing to turn this dusty open space into a garden, you can also help you solve the storage The problem, the decoration cost is very low, there are idle cabinets, storage baskets, hooks, shoe racks, etc. All of them are combined with multi-functional wardrobes , fresh and practical mini wardrobes, do you like them.

Entrance decoration design

Case Comments : At the entrance porch, the wall is decorated with fashionable wallpapers. It not only decorates the wall, but also allows people to have a feeling of bright eyes at the first sight. The integrated console is in the small apartment. This kind of porch design is the most practical.

Home storage

Case Comments : The porch space filled with blue tones, combined with the wooden window sill, can feel the Mediterranean style at a glance. The hanger with soft curves on the wall can be used as a wall decoration to highlight the romantic feelings. It also shows its practicality.

Patio Furniture Sets

We offer a wide choice of different types of Patio furniture collections, which cover garden rattan sofa, outdoor dining set, chat set, rattan bar set. With splendid style and smooth line, every details and quality is presently perfectly. Excellent surface treatment process and the selection of products for climate and UV have long-term protection ability, getting more than your money`s worth.

Patio furniture sets

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