Introduction of Changchengling Ski Resort and Baihualin Road

The Chongli County where the Great Wall Ridge is located is the region with the best natural skiing conditions in North China. The amount of snow, snow, and snow can be comparable to Yabuli in Heilongjiang Province and the Great Lakes in Jilin Province, and the conditions such as wind speed and temperature are excellent. Ski resorts in the northeastern region are suitable for outdoor activities and are not suitable for frostbite, facilitating mechanical operation and outdoor operations. The skiing industry is one of the three major projects in Zhangjiakou. With beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, the site of Ming Great Wall is just two kilometers away from the ski resort. The Chongli Plateau Training Base of the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau is the best venue for winter sports, summer training, outdoor sports, and leisure and summer activities.


The ski resort is invested by the State Sports General Administration and the Provincial Sports Bureau to build high-standard and comprehensive supporting Hebei Plateau training bases and large-scale ski resorts. The total investment of the project is 50 million yuan. An investment of 10 million yuan has been completed for construction projects such as ski halls, snow trails and ropeways. In the first phase, there were 4 primary, middle and senior ski trails, with a total area of ​​160,000 square meters, a maximum altitude of 2,100 meters, and a vertical landing difference of 380 meters, including No. 1 Snowy Road 300 meters and an average slope of 6 degrees; Snow No. 2 Road 1000 meters, the average slope of 14 degrees; No. 3 snow track 750 meters, the average slope of 13 degrees; No. 4 snow track 1600 meters, the average slope of 20 degrees. It is equipped with 1200 sets of imported ski equipment, including 500 sets of world-famous Walker skis, 2 double-lift chair lifts, 1 large pull ropeway, 3 snow machines imported from Canada, 5 snowmobiles and 100 flying saucers on snow, imported from Germany. A snow pressure car, 1,000 square meters of ski rental hall equipped with advanced electronic charging management system, 800 square meters of viewing fast food restaurant can accommodate 500 people at the same time, 50 standard rooms can provide accommodation services.

Among them, the Great Wall Ridge Road No. 2 (Birchwood Road) is planned to be used in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games ski competition, with an investment of 6 million yuan, accounting for 80 acres of forest land, and an advanced snow-making system installed. The No. 2 senior road is designed by famous foreign designers. Participating in the design increased the changes in the shape of the bucket, slope, prance, and cat hooks, making it an entertaining and adventurous trail. The No. 2 snow course has a total length of 1680 meters, an average width of 55 meters and an average slope of 25 degrees. It protects the entire network, and the chairlift for four people passes through the birch forest to the highest peak.


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