Raw material use matters needing attention

For the sake of cost control, or the development of new business, it is inevitable that in the printing companies, raw material testing and use problems are inevitably encountered. There are many aspects to pay attention to here. The following is a brief description.

1 Analysis

For new business, we need to choose new raw materials. At this time, the choice of raw materials is very particular. First, the products delivered to customers need to meet the requirements for use. In addition, the costs must be calculated to ensure profitability. Mainly should do: 1 according to the customer's requirements of the product performance of the data for raw material selection and analysis of various raw materials related data, this selection criteria for practicality, applicability; 2 according to the development of new products after selecting good raw materials, A suitable production process should be worked out and the utilization ratio of various raw materials such as paper utilization rate and layout utilization should be designed and then implemented in actual production.

2 detection

In the use of raw materials, the inspection of raw materials is imperative, and this test should be carried out in accordance with standards and methods formulated by the national and industrial standards in accordance with the mutually agreed requirements of supply and demand.

In addition, what needs to be clarified is that the detection of raw materials should be based on the manufacturer, that is, the inspection should be moved to the production process. The process inspection should be the main method, and the final inspection should be supplemented to ensure that the produced raw materials meet the requirements of the customers. Because when the demand side detects and verifies the raw material is unqualified, it will cause great loss for both parties. Now both the supply and demand sides should follow the mutually beneficial and win-win relationship, so when the detection is moved to the production part of the manufacturer, the maximum guarantee can be made. Raw material product quality is stable and qualified. Although the testing is mainly based on suppliers, it does not mean that the demand side does not detect. At this time, the demand side's detection is mainly to test and verify the raw material-related performance provided by the supplier, and the other point is that the demand side should be based on the actual use conditions. Discover relevant raw material data and feedback to suppliers, so that raw materials are continuously improved to better serve production and end product use.

3 Judging suppliers

A principle should also be followed when choosing new raw materials, that is, judging the relevant suppliers. This judgment is not just the inspection of the company's business license and operating conditions, but also the supply of the raw materials it produces in the industry. As well as the use situation, these data are then used as an important basis for the selection of raw materials. The situation of large-scale enterprises is judged more favorably, and those smaller companies have a certain degree of difficulty in judging. At this time, the company's credibility, supply cycle, and long-term development status should be added to the judging criteria. .

4 first test

When suppliers and raw materials are confirmed to be selected, trials must be performed on the selected raw materials. In order to avoid the loss of supply and demand, trials must begin with small batch trials. The initial test of this raw material must have a certain purpose. It mainly includes observing and verifying whether the performance of raw materials is consistent with the actual production, and confirming the ink color and specifications of the product in actual production. The product undergoes a series of related tests in order to have a certain level of awareness of the requirements of the final product user and thus provide the customer with a qualified final product.

5 pilot test

When the raw material passes the initial test, it does not mean that the raw material can be put into formal production and use, because after the initial test, there is still a pass before the batch use, that is, the raw material pilot test, in addition to continuing to test the relevant test items for the initial test, The final product produced should also be sent to the user for trial, and then the user should be provided with feedback on the basis of the feedback provided by the user and the raw material properties, production processes, etc. There is also a work that is to conduct a cost analysis for the pilot test in order to determine the overall cost value of the application of such raw materials.

6 Feedback on the use of bulk raw materials

When the raw materials pass the pilot test, they can be used in batches. However, due to the fact that the raw materials that passed the pilot test are subjected to mass production, use, and the use of the final product on the client, it is inevitable that such problems will occur. Raw materials for batch delivery should be tracked accordingly. Mainly include reference to the raw material test data in the pilot test for comparison testing, the use of the production process, the use of mature raw materials used in the past to conduct a comprehensive cost comparison analysis, the final product in the client's use and the user's requirements for the product, etc. The data and information are then targeted to the raw material supplier to provide corresponding improvement suggestions and continue to track the use in the future until the raw material supplier becomes a qualified supplier, but it should be noted that it becomes a qualified supplier. After only changing each batch of follow-up inspections to random inspections, the inspection of raw materials was not cancelled.

7 Follow the market for continuous improvement

The fact that raw materials are made into finished products and approved by customers is not a big deal, because packaging and printing companies are in the service area of ​​the entire product manufacturing process and are responsible for ensuring that the packaging looks beautiful and meets the relevant strength requirements. In order to achieve the recognition of customers, final consumers and other relevant audiences, packaging and printing companies should also track the status of the final products in the market, so as to determine the status of packaging products and then feedback information of users of integrated packaging products to make corresponding improvement suggestions on raw materials. , and continue to track the follow-up production use, to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement until the ultimate audience satisfaction.

8 Evaluating the quality of long-term suppliers of raw materials

The supplier of qualified raw materials for long-term supply should also establish evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria should include: whether or not raw material-related data will fluctuate within a certain period of time, efficiency in actual production, qualified product rate, quality status, etc. The completion status of the data, whether the delivery period is in place, whether the after-sales service is timely, whether the improvement measures are up to standard, and whether the price (which should be based on the overall cost of actual production) is fair and so on. After comprehensive evaluation of these projects, the company grades and ranks raw material suppliers, and makes reference in future continuous procurement, thereby introducing competition mechanisms among raw material suppliers, so that raw material suppliers have a sense of urgency so that certain To a degree, raw material suppliers are restricted to provide raw materials that are more suitable in all aspects.

The selection and use of raw materials occupies an extremely important position in the development of a company, and the selection of the best raw materials (best value for money, credit, etc.) plays a pivotal role in all aspects of the company's development. Enterprises should put the selection and use of raw materials at a strategic height, and this selection criterion should be derived from practice, practice and follow the principle of not choosing the best and choosing only the most suitable.

Lip Gloss is a general term for a category of cosmetics for the lips. Viscous liquid or thin body paste, rich in various types of highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, contains less waxy and color pigments. Clear and translucent, moisturizing and thin; moisturizing lips with strong three-dimensional feeling after coloring; especially outstanding in pursuit of special makeup effects.

Lip gloss use
"The lips are not used to talk, but to be sexy!" This sentence comes from the mouth of a French supermodel, which shows how important the lips are to a woman. Perhaps you always think that your lips are not full, the shape of the lips is not perfect, and the peaks of the lips are not three-dimensional ... In fact, these are irrelevant. The really attractive lips are the ones that look tender and soft, and the color is naturally ruddy, and these can be achieved only through a high-quality lip gloss and a series of skilled application methods.

History development
In ancient times, Cleopatra Cleopatra dyed her lips with a mixture of beeswax and crushed insects and carmine. Since then, women have always been obsessed with highlighting lips as an important facial feature. This practice has been popular for centuries because of differences in social acceptance. It wasn't until Hollywood stars really turned lipstick into a beauty necessity. Since the launch of Lancome's first lip gloss in 1998, the lip makeup has become more colorful, and since then, the lip gloss has gradually replaced the matte lip gloss. The packaging of this slender vial, with its natural luster like enamel and pearl and super lustrous lip gloss, is becoming more and more popular with consumers. [1]
Product Usage
The use of lip gloss can show women's sexy, charming, and at the same time achieve the role of moisturizing and protecting the lips, but also increase the beauty of the face, modify the contour of the lips, is one of the essential beauty cosmetics for modern women.
Product Categories
Crystal lip gloss: Transparent crystal lip gloss is extremely popular with young women, especially in warm seasons, it will add infinite charm to your transparent makeup. The resin component in the lip gloss makes it stick to the lips for a long time without being absorbed. Can be used alone or on top of a lipstick. After use, it seems that a bright layer of lip oil is applied to the lips, which looks crystal clear and transparent, making the lips long and fresh.
Light-colored lip gloss: It is a translucent lip gloss, which has rich colors and also has a luster effect. This light-colored lip gloss will form a natural and slightly transparent color on the lips, looking plump and beautiful. In particular, wine-red and light-red light-colored lip glosses have a rosy effect, which makes users look white and red, healthy and natural.
Bright lip gloss: The color is more intense than the first two, suitable for fragrant makeup and use on grand occasions. Its translucency is slightly worse, and it can cover the original color and even lip lines of the lips after application.
Pearlescent lip gloss: Adding sparkling pearl powder to the lip gloss makes lips look like the stars, especially under the light of the ball, it is more dazzling, luxurious, and the effect is longer .
Dyed lip gloss: It will be printed on the mouth and cannot be wiped off. Liquid lip gloss, containing jojoba oil, absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity, can be used before lipstick, or used alone. Compared with regular lip glosses, dyed lip glosses are more natural in color and more waterproof after use.
Different people may not have the same feelings about the same brand of lip gloss. Here is just a reference. Which lip gloss is really the "best" in your mind, and you may not know it until you try it yourself.
1) Apply on natural lips. Dip a light-colored lip gloss with a lip brush, apply it in the center of the lips, and then lightly blur. It can feel cold and fresh in the hot summer.
2) Pair with blush. Choose a lip gloss brush of the same color as the blush on your lips to show that your makeup is professional.
3) Apply on lipstick. Apply a layer of lipstick and then a layer of lip gloss to make your lips thicker and brighter.
4) Apply on the center of the lips. First outline the shape of the lips with a Lip Liner, apply lipstick, and then apply the lip gloss to the center of the lips. It's a very stylish application with a charming personality.
The lip gloss should not be applied too thickly, so that it is easy to remove makeup, and even fade when drinking water and talking. In addition, apply a thin layer of lip gloss, but the lip gloss will stay longer, and it will not feel greasy.

Lip Gloss

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