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Camp camping lights are indispensable for camping. This mountain camp LED lamp with a brightness of 3W is clearly visible within 50 meters.

feature of product:

Products through the European environmental protection standards, IPX waterproof grade 5, cold, shock-resistant, camping picnic is ideal for activities, and flashlight mode can be used for a variety of outdoor activities.
All new COMET camp lights, a unique design, high 18.5CM, the maximum width of 6CM, the height of the collection can be contracted to 13CM, very easy to carry. A CREE Q3 3W high-power warm white LED is used as a light source for stepless dimming, and the 4AA battery can continuously illuminate for more than 40 hours.

Shanrui SUNREE COMET C3 Camping Light

Shanrui SUNREE COMET C3 Camping Light

Shanrui SUNREE COMET C3 Camping Light Package

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Detailed explanation of this camping lamp

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