Who makes the whole wardrobe brand lose the original driving force

Some people have commented on the status quo of the wardrobe industry : the overall wardrobe brand has lost its innovative power . From the beginning of the product quality competition, well, now everyone can make good products come; later to the service a lot of fights, it is good, now everyone talks about the service; then the design competition, also Ok, I will dig up your designer.

Then it is environmental protection, you E1, I will E0, then what kind of family activities, when you can not find the topic, but also talk about the store is king, high-end customers are lost, you must know that I rely on high-end customers to survive, only to keep up with the pace of others The national chain lock brand has been carried out in this way, and some local leading brands have also quickly followed up. Anyone who has a little strength has followed up and is unwilling to let go of the high-end customer base. You must know that you can do a high-end customer management and even do a few Dozens, sometimes low-end customers are busy for a year and can not earn the money of a high-end customer, who is willing to let go of this fat, is not willing, then than.

In fact, it is not clear that the brand cabinet wardrobe is going to bring the industry into a dead end. The store is still a big wardrobe. In fact, most of the wardrobe enterprises are stealing laughs. Who is laughing? "It’s like laughing all the time. The small and medium-sized closet enterprises to be destroyed, you kings fight to go to the throne of the store, the more participants the better, the bigger the store, the better, the higher the cost, the better.

At this point, the small and medium-sized closet enterprises continue to open their own small stores, continue to serve the original old customers, continue to attract some new groups that can not afford to buy brand wardrobes, continue to improve their service levels and service skills. Adhere to the principle of where the big brand is purchased, and the principle of where I purchase the goods. You open the store Wanfang, I don’t move from the small store, the products strive for homogenization, and the service strives to move forward. See how many rich amnesty can afford so many of your big brands.

In fact, looking at the status quo of the national closet market, the share of the brand closet is getting bigger and bigger. It depends on how to understand. If there is a possibility of growth in terms of the amount of consumption, it is possible from the profit creation rate. The second point is that if consumers are concerned, more and more consumers have chosen the affordable small and medium wardrobe brand. Of course, the big brand wardrobe closes to consumers, but also gives many bad elements more opportunities.

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