Termites ravage the inhabitants

Ms. Gao is the owner of Room 104 of Longxiang Garden. She told reporters that her house has been renting, but the tenant complained to her a week ago and had to retreat! Ms. Gao immediately rushed to the room to see and found the dense termites everywhere. All of these uninvited guests spent eight days from May 26 to June 2, eating wooden furniture at home, even wooden windowsills and walls. Ms. Gao’s tenants are uncomfortable with termites harassing and renting out, and many residents of Longxiang Garden are also ravaged by termites.

The surrounding people reflected that these termites flew from the construction site next to Longxiang Garden. On June 3, Ms. Gao found the site of the Splendid Huatianyuyuan, which is separated from her home by a wall. The person in charge denied that there were termites on the site, but he said that if there were termites, they would ask the leader to kill them.

The encounters of the residents of Longxiang Garden are disturbing. How can residents avoid termite invasion in their daily lives?

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