Outdoor Safety Classroom - One of Attention for Beginners in Outdoor Activities

The endless gravitation of outdoor sports is due to the desire of the lovers to return to nature and the experiential state of mind to challenge the limit and surpass oneself. It is true that outdoor activities can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The harsh environment can also test the participants' physical strength, experience, equipment and team awareness. Professional outdoor athletes will have unpredictable accidents during the sport, not to mention beginners. How to correctly engage in outdoor sports and experience endless life on the premise of respecting life and ensuring the team? Xiaobian is willing to share outdoor safety knowledge classes with you.

Human beings are extremely small and fragile compared with nature. We must use a scientific attitude to understand, understand, and adapt to nature in order to communicate with nature. Otherwise, casualties are difficult to avoid. In general, the dangers of outdoor sports can be roughly divided into two types: one is objective danger, and the other is artificial danger (such as carelessness, equipment problems, insufficient technology, theft, etc.). How to circumvent the objective dangers and prevent man-made dangers has become the knowledge that any person, especially beginners, need to learn in the process of engaging in outdoor stimulation.

Recognize risks and establish safety awareness

According to surveys conducted by relevant organizations, the majority of domestic outdoor consumers have only participated in outdoor sports activities in recent years. Dr. Zhang Zhang, director of the outdoor climbing industry management agency "China Mountaineering Association," also pointed out that China's outdoor sports have developed rapidly in recent years. In less than a decade, the number of participants, projects, and regions involved has increased. In the face of this change, domestic preparations have some deficiencies, such as lack of considerable organization and preparation, and management systems and mechanisms do not quickly formulate corresponding management regulations. Volkswagens, especially beginners, do not fully understand the dangers of outdoor activities and lack formal training institutions. As we all know, objective dangers include natural hazards such as avalanches, falling rocks, lightning strikes, low temperatures, and lack of oxygen. If you catch them, you are in danger. If you avoid them, it is a natural phenomenon that is innocuous. People who have no outdoor experience can also know it. Existence exists, but beginners often have different understandings of this phenomenon. They often ignore such dangers, and they think that if they can't take natural and objective dangers, they might as well be left behind.

In fact, this is the difference between having no experience and the best, experienced people will reasonably avoid natural hazards. The sign of maturity of an outdoor enthusiast is to see if he will be afraid and know how to give up when he is outdoors. The fear and timidity here are two completely different concepts. When you are scared, people will know how to be careful and careful to prevent any danger from happening. Therefore, when you first enter the outdoors, you must take it seriously and start from learning to be afraid. Respect Life.

Choose safe professional outdoor equipment

Outdoors is a sport that requires professional equipment and requires a certain amount of funds to be invested in the early stage. However, many beginners tend to de-emphasize the importance of the equipment and believe that the clothing and utensils in everyday life can be applied with only minor changes. Little does they know that the birth of outdoor products and the development of outdoor industries have its inevitable truth. Here is a simple example: Sports shoes worn in the city do not have waterproof function under normal circumstances. If you wear ordinary sports shoes to go outdoors, you can easily enter the water and bring great inconvenience to outdoor activities.

Many outdoor professional manufacturers are actively developing outdoor equipment that can provide protection for different groups of people. American Gore, as a leader in outdoor areas, actively encourages outdoor enthusiasts to experience “unending experience”, and is committed to researching professional products and innovative technologies purchased by outdoor individuals who meet different levels of consumption and needs, providing consumers with waterproof and windproof protection. , breathable safety outdoor equipment. Recent GORE-TEX® (GortexTM) brand new apparel naming system, including GORE-TEX®ProShell, GORE-TEX®PerformanceShell, GORE-TEX®SoftShell and GORE-TEX®PacliteTMShell. Among them, GORE-TEX® PerformanceShell provides breathable comfort and lasting waterproof and wind protection. Whether skiing, cycling, climbing, roller skating or simply walking, you are free to choose, especially for beginners. It is not difficult to see from these actions of major outdoor manufacturers that these external necessary protections are very important for beginners.

Join a regular outdoor group

The China Mountaineering Association believes that activities that separate from the management of the tourism sector and leave the fixed travel route should belong to outdoor sports. According to the categories, outdoor sports can be divided into two categories: no expedition (that is, similar to the nature of tourism, safe and secure, and where the risk of going is predictable and controllable) and the nature of exploration. There are two prerequisites for the organization of adventure-related activities: First, it must be initiated by an organization with legal personality, because such outdoor activities are difficult to foresee the danger, once the accident can find the subject to assume responsibility; Second, must have qualifications and qualifications The professional team leader, the leader or the coach, can effectively avoid danger.

According to the mode of organization, outdoor activities mainly involve friends and relatives spontaneously organizing and convening two forms through the Internet. Many newcomers generally do not go it alone and will find outdoor sports clubs or outdoor community organizations. At this time, team formation often determines the team. The rate of occurrence of the accident. Professional outdoor clubs generally have an activity plan, and the lines are determined after prior inspection and have a perfect logistical support and contact system. In contrast, the blindness and arbitrariness of non-responsible spontaneous group activities are very large. This kind of outdoor activities does not have a leader, full self-help, and all costs are AA. The travel routes are mostly inaccessible and have different landscapes. There are problems. Afterwards, it often leads to exacerbating outdoor risks, such as perseverance. The best way to recommend newcomers to grow is to find more formal teams to join. They have legal personality, internally established sound management mechanisms with professional and technical personnel, members have a clear understanding of rights and obligations, and are recognized by the local sports department. (Finish)

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