Imitation plating mirror ink

Imitation plating mirror ink is a special new product, which is not exactly the same as the traditional screen printing ink. It can achieve the same effect as electroplating, even in some places more perfect than the electroplating process, the glittering metallic luster effect of printing is very noticeable. Mainly used in transparent packaging materials and some advanced appliances, such as audio, VCD machines, washing machines, rice cookers, mobile phones, computers, cosmetics bottles, jewelry boxes and so on.

Material: a variety of synthetic resins and specially treated metal powders are the main components; particle diameter: 10 μm; printing materials: PET, PC, PVC, PMMA (Perspex); boiling point: 76 °C (relative to solubility); : PC, PET materials drying at 120 ~ 130 °C, about 20 ~ 30 min, about 40 min weather conditions, PVC, PMMA can be dry at room temperature, if the 30 ~ 40 °C heating and drying effect is better; Wire Mesh: Use polyester mesh of 300-350 mesh/inch; blade hardness: 65-85; dilution: mirror ink thinner, but must be fully stirred; wash mesh: ink wash water; shelf life: dry indoors Place (air humidity below 75%) storage, shelf life of 90 days.

The product was launched by Baohua Industrial China Co., Ltd.

Reprinted from: Screen Printing

Working Glove

Latex Coated cheap Industrial Labor gloves Protective Safety Work Gloves

Our main products are protective gloves and safty gloves.We have many production line for all kind of cotton gloves,nylon gloves,latex coated gloves,pu coated gloves,nitrile coated gloves,PVC gloves and cut-resistant gloves.We can produce as customers reuirement and OEM also.We have professional technical and pay more attention on the quality of gloves. Our gloves have exported to many countries,and have strong support from our customer.


Description:(latex glove)

100% cotton liner ,Latex dipped.

Coated can be 1/2,3/4 or full

Seamless gloves offering extremely soft and comfort feeling.

Superb comfort and breathability;

Excellent grip, good abrasion resistance;

Anti water and oil; 

For general purpose use. 


automotive ;



warehouse industries;

Common used in aerospace and electronic industries.


Working Glove

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