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Brand: Halti
Name: Quick 43 litre cycling bag Color: G26 Dark Blue G28 Dark Gray G65 Red Size: 43 L Weight: 2000 grams Fabric: Polyester Number: 049-0073

HALTI, the name of the highest mountain in Finland, may be even more alien to the Chinese, but Finns have already linked HALTI with outdoor sportswear and hiking equipment. The HALTI brand began attracting attention in 1976 and is one of the most popular sports brands in Finland.

This time, as a rider, at the invitation of Greenfield, he tried a Halti's riding bag named Quick, and fully experienced the joy of an outdoor famous product from Finland.

Quick appearance is law-abiding, introverted, unobtrusive, and thick. Because of the lack of top bags, the total volume of 43 liters is not very large, belonging to the medium-sized riding bag, suitable for two-day long-distance riding or riding a single city. The single side volume of more than 20 liters, compared to other brands (such as Vaude) side of the bag is larger by 15%, 2 can fully accommodate a 700 grams of sleeping bags, sets of boiler equipment, clothing, food and other outdoor products, and then Tents and mats are tied to the rear shelves and are just suitable for long trips and outdoor camping. In addition to the main warehouse, there is a vertical bag on the back side of the bag to hold a water bottle; a map pocket on the side, a transparent film covering the mesh, and can be used to store maps, documents, and other debris; there is also a bag on the top cover. Rain cover, you can put some commonly used small debris.

After being removed from the rear shelf, each side bag can be fitted with a detachable strap as a shoulder bag, so friends who ride bikes to and from work can also use it. Both ends of the straps are quick-release fasteners, which are easy to load and unload. After the strap is removed, it can be placed in a bag.

Although the zipper does not use a waterproof zipper, it is a waterproof design, in each zipper is draped over the rain edge, can ensure that the rain will not leak into the bag along the zipper.

The suspension system of the bag is triangular and the two fasteners above are fixed and load-bearing. They are large and flexible. They are estimated to be injection molded parts with a steel core. The fasteners on the bottom of the shelf are fixed on the support bar of the rear shelf so that the bag does not sway. And this fastener can be moved left and right on the guide rail to match the position of various rear rack support bars. By adjusting the fasteners below, the bag can be satisfied with different needs of the rear shelf of the bicycle, which greatly increases its applicability. Through the use of tests, the stability of fasteners on bumpy roads is excellent and can also withstand greater pressure.

The bag design of the main warehouse resembles the design of a large backpack, using drawstrings and buckles. This may be due to the reason that the zipper cannot carry a large load. This design also greatly enhances the ease of use of the product.

The fasteners used in the bag are excellent in workmanship and flexibility, and reflect the professionalism of the Halti brand and products in small and key links.

Each side bag of each bag has a rain cover, which is usually stored in the top bag. The color is orange, and the wavelength of yellow-red is strong in the rain and fog. It is easily found by people and ensures the safety of driving.

The HALTI green leaf logo on the back side of the bag is made of reflective material and is not easy to wear. It can emit white light at night when illuminated by Microsoft light source, which greatly ensures the safety of the rider riding at night.

After a day's actual riding test, the proportion of bag design was reasonable, and there was no friction with the heel. In addition, the bumpy road section was basically stable and no shaking was found. It is very quick and convenient to pick and place items and to dismantle them. It can be seen that this bag is completely suitable for bicycle outdoor travel and the first choice for riders is the classic design of HALTI.

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