Problems with barcode printing in packaging

Barcodes are an important part of the packaging and printing industry, from prepress to postpress. The number of barcodes required for the different products in the packaging and printing process is also different. The general products need 2 to 3, and some products require more. For example, if there is only one type of product, it only needs a bar code or product batch identification bar code for sale and a bar code used inside the printing and packaging company; some special products such as light bulbs and pharmaceutical packaging have not only many types but also many The types of boxes are the same and similar in color, which requires more bar codes to be controlled in post-press processing. According to the production process in the packaging and printing, we should analyze the problems that should be paid attention to in the printing process.

1. Pre-press design department should pay attention to the problem

In the pre-press design department, each company must first establish its own barcode database. Usually, these barcodes are only used internally by the enterprise. There are generally two such barcodes, one is a bar code on a full-page card (to provide a model (cutting machine use), the other is a bar code on the small box (provided to the folder using the machine) (see Figure 1) o usually customers will provide two bar codes, one is to sell bar codes, the other is in the pre-press design department The problem should be noted in the bar code used when packaging (see Figure 2). The issues to be noted in designing are:

1) For the bar code provided by the customer,

Should be placed in the correct position according to the design requirements. One is the bar code for product sales. This type of bar code is mainly used to provide sellers with information for scanning at the time of sale. The information contained is generally the code and product type of the production plant and is usually printed on the outer surface of the packaging box; the other is for the purpose of When the product is packaged, the bar code on the packaging device can be read by the optical eye, so it must be accurate. The information contained in this type of barcode is generally the product batch, type, etc., and is usually printed on the lid of the packaging box, and is usually folded inside the lid after packaging.

2) There are usually 2 barcodes for internal use in the company, one is for use on full-sheet cardboard, the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of false impressions on the die-cutting machine, and the other is printed on the portion of the packaging box that is used for bonding, The purpose is to prevent the appearance of different kinds of boxes in the sticking box machine. When designing, attention should be paid to the accuracy of the bar code position on each small box. If there is a large deviation of the bar code position, it is very likely that all the boxes in this position will be discarded. Sometimes there is more than one type of product on a full sheet of paper, then this bar code is more and more important (see Figure 3, the upper and lower boxes are the same but the text outside the box is different). In addition, this kind of bar code is usually not applied to the coating. This is to allow the device to read the data more accurately and obtain a better adhesion effect in the post-press processing. Both barcodes are of little significance to customers, but its importance to packaging and printing companies is self-evident. Of course, the bar code on the box can also be used as the bar code of the single sheet (see Fig. 4). However, it is usually designed at the back end of the printing plate to facilitate the optical barber to read the bar code when the die cutting machine feeds continuously.

3) Personnel engaged in prepress quality control should not only look at the correctness of the bar code pattern, but should also check the value of the bar code. Throughout the subsequent processing, other production departments and customers' packaging equipment can only be identified by bar codes. It is the only product category standard for all processing departments.

In the printing sector, barcodes do not have a direct effect, but if problems arise they have a large impact on the post-processing process. The role of bar codes is mainly to check whether the batch of products is wrong. Some advanced companies can achieve the quality control of this link through on-line scanning, and can print out accurate verification data. Enterprises with incomplete equipment should also pass the manual Check to achieve this. For barcoded products, the bar code should be kept clean and free from other inks. During printing, care should be taken to carefully inspect parts that do not need polishing, to ensure that the parts that do not need polishing are accurate, and to ensure that all printed products are stable, and to facilitate the production of the post-processing department so as to save costs and improve product quality. When using CAD drawings for verification during the printing commissioning phase, it should be checked at the same time whether the position of the barcode is outside the box shape to prevent losses due to design errors.

2 issues needing attention in post-press processing

In the post-press processing, it is usually through two processes of die cutting and gluing. In the die-cutting process, the bar code on the whole sheet of paper will be removed as scrap. This is the last control step in bar code application on full-page paper. The accuracy of the product should be ensured in the basin.

1) The issues that should be noted in the die cutting process are:

1 Before the production of bar code parameters should be set, the detection of the starting position should not be too long, usually can take about 3mm before the bar code.

2 When adjusting the machine, the light bar of the bar code should be in an accurate position, otherwise the wrong judgment will often appear, especially in the high-speed die-cutting will affect the accuracy of the optical eye judgment.

3Before die-cutting, it is necessary to artificially destroy the bar code, such as using a pen to draw the bar code, and then put it into the paper stack to check whether the light-eye operation is normal after die-cutting, and ensure the stability after production.

4 In the production process, if the wrong report band should not simply take out the wrong one, but should carefully find the cause of the error, such as the bar code is stuck with ink or glazing and other reasons, If there are consecutive problems, the paper pile should be lowered and carefully inspected.

2) Matters needing attention in stick box processing

After the die-cutting process is completed, many products require sticky-tape processing. In this processing process, the main target is the individual packaging boxes. Each packaging box is required to be accurate. Bar code application in this process is more important than the die-cutting process. The basic detection method is almost the same as the die-cutting machine, but there are some problems that the two should pay attention to:

1 In the same way as in the die-cutting process, the bar code parameters should be set before production. This setting is for the bar code on a single box. Usually, the starting position of the photo-eye can be set to about 3 mm. Cardboard can be slightly larger. Since the product types on full-sheet paper are often not the only ones, it is often the case that the wrong paper pile is present in the paper feeding section of the folder-gluer. The barcode can be a good judgment for this situation.

2 After debugging the machine, the stability of the barcode detection device should be tested as well as on the die-cutting equipment. For some highly demanding products, such as drug packaging, multiple tests should be performed at the same time, such as adding and subtracting barcodes. And increase the thickness of the bar code to check whether the adhesive detection device is operating normally. In the production process, it should also be periodically tested to ensure the stability of the test.

3 The bar codes on small boxes of some companies also use different color blocks for printing. When bonding, the color of prints can be judged by light eyes, and the boxes with larger deviations can also be discharged as waste. In this setting, a color deviation range of 30% to 50% is generally used.

4 In the delivery section, the cardboard box is usually used to hold the bonded packaging box. The label of the product should also be affixed to the outside of the carton. There is also a bar code on the label. The bar code contains the main information of the customer's code and product. The types and batches. In some advanced companies, there are automatic packaging production lines and the use of robots to carry out logistics classification. The main purpose of this bar code is to set up the sorting and collection of packing boxes.

to sum up

With the development of economy and the continuous increase of product types in the market, the use of bar codes has become the first choice for many companies in the classification of products because of the internal production classification needs of product manufacturers and packaging and printing companies. In the packaging printing enterprises of many countries in Europe and America, they have established their own barcode databases and used barcodes to classify production and monitoring during the production process. This is also a development goal for Chinese packaging and printing companies. Of course, this requires not only a large cost investment. We must also have a stable technology for protection. This article focuses on the application of barcodes in cartoon paper and micro-corrugated packaging and printing companies. However, due to the different types of equipment and products in each factory, each company has its own internal technical standards. The author only hopes that this paper can The technology and production personnel of various packaging and printing companies bring some reference.

Reprinted from: Print Online

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