PET bottle market promising

Market: Bottles

Polymer: PET

Purpose: UV protection, protection of packaged products

The main performance:

- Increase the service life of packaged products - transparent

The development trend of transparent PET bottles

The demand for the packaging industry is now increasing. One of the most obvious development trends is the demand for products that are transparent and have special properties and colors. Among the transparent polymer materials used in the market, PET is the best material choice. This is because PET has unique properties: transparency, easy processing, good barrier properties, and low cost. Because of economic concerns, the food, detergent and cosmetics industries use PET as a packaging material for their products.

But unfortunately, the sunlight and light in the storeroom lights will cause the color to fade, the loss of vitamins and so on. More importantly, in the process of product packaging and design, safety is a very serious issue. In this case, the design of the product's trademark will be destroyed, which will lead to problems such as the product becoming odorless and having an unattractive appearance.

Shelfplus UV produced packaging products

Because SHELFPLUS UV can filter many harmful ultraviolet rays, it can protect the packaged materials from ultraviolet radiation. The advantage of these transparent PET materials is that the packaging design has great flexibility and guarantees the quality of the packaged product. Figure 1 shows the shelf stability of shelf plus UV in PET perfume bottles.

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