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This time, I was a member of the Greenfield Equipment Test Group and was responsible for testing the cookware utensil sets provided by the domestic professional cookware utensil manufacturer Firefox, including a set of cooking pots, a burner, a hob, a folding scoop, and a seasoning box. Specifically as follows (product data parameters from the official website data):

Stainless Steel Folding Scoop Unfolded: 15.7mm Fold: 9mm
Imported medical grade stainless steel material, net weight is only 30g, folding design, easy to carry, bag packaging.

Portable seasoning box: 95x63x30mm
* Folding method: can be folded
*net weight: 36g
Using food grade PP plastic material, blue translucent, can hold 4-6 kinds of cooking withered material, small and easy to carry.

Portable gas stove
*Specifications: 55x75x32mm
* Weight: 90g
* Rated speed: 3500w
*Ignition method: no material is made of copper aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the body is small, the furnace tray can be folded down, folding support frame, high temperature resistance. Rotary flame, high thermal efficiency. Good versatility, suitable for all kinds of gas tanks. Plastic box packaging.

Portable Cookware
* Large pot specifications: 135x112mm
* Large cover specifications: 127x65mm
Small pot size: 125x102mm
* Small cover specifications: 120x60mm
*net weight: 448g
Suitable for 2 people, including two cylindrical pots, two bowl lids, one hundred clean cloth. Lightweight design, net weight is only 448g. Imported aluminum, high hardness anodizing, scratch-resistant, easy to clean. Cauldron pots can be placed in a small pot and a small stove, which is packed in a black mesh bag.

Universal cylinder holder

With this set of things, as long as you prepare gas tanks, matches and food, you can rest assured to enjoy food outside. Let them collectively debut once:

They haven't been opened yet, and they're in a closed state. Do you already have the urge to cook for yourself? The red box in the picture is the burner, the storage volume is quite small; the black bar is the hob after the folding, is not very strange its shape; the brown bag is filled with a folding spoon, but also very small Including the pots used by the two people, the pot diameter is obviously smaller than half of the outdoor pots, but the depth is greater, the pros and cons of this design are all (as will be explained below); as for the seasoning box, it touches me to think of the profession. Waterproof box, whether it is color or shape. However, this photo is not comparable, the size can not be separated, and did not see the true face of these equipment, here we have invited Cooking Utensils together officially grand debut:

There is an additional gas tank in the picture. With it, we can start working on our own delicacies. The pan was split: including two sets of size, a scouring pad, and a clean sweeping work after fire was also thought for us. The burner was also exposed, small and well-featured, and its structural shape immediately reminded us of a very classic burner CRUX in the United States (although the price of CRUX is several times that of the burner). The tank holder has also been opened. The three-way structure has two bayonet mounts. The conventional gas tank shown in the picture or the SNOWPEAK-like small gas tank can be used on it. The folding spoon is opened, but it hasn't been buckled yet. It can't be used. Now it's just a shape, but has it already made you want to move? There is also a seasoning box that has been opened longitudinally. With regard to the size of each piece of equipment, we believe that everyone has an intuitive judgment through the comparison of this gas tank.

The Kitchen Strainer is great for use while cooking or baking, for sifting of flour, icing sugar or for straining rice, noodles, pasta, tea or for washing fruits, vegetables, pasta and even for decorating. The premium quality sturdy material of the sifter ensures that the sieve won't fade, break, warp, melt or bend during its use. It is heat resistant which allows you to strain hot soup, sauce or mixture and you can easily hold it without burning your hands.

Kitchen Strainer

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