Buying Psychology and Product Packaging

In the commodity economy society, consumers are rational buyers. From the process of generating needs, planning to purchase, and finally deciding to purchase and purchase, there is a series of complicated psychological activities. In these internal psychological activities, consumers are easily stimulated and induced by accidental factors in the outside world, and thus have a keen interest in a certain commodity and trigger an impulse to purchase.

In the commodity economy society, consumers are rational buyers. From the process of generating needs, planning to purchase, and finally deciding to purchase and purchase, there is a series of complicated psychological activities. In these internal psychological activities, consumers are easily stimulated and induced by accidental factors in the outside world, and thus have a keen interest in a certain commodity and trigger an impulse to purchase.

As the saying goes: “Buddha needs gold, and people need clothing.” Similarly, commodities also need packaging; no matter how good they are, they may not be able to sell a good price because their packaging is not suitable. According to statistics, 30% of product competitiveness comes from packaging. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for spiritual enjoyment are getting higher and higher. In the competition of commodities, the influence of packaging on the sales of goods becomes more and more obvious. Packaging is a “silent salesman” for goods. In addition to the protection of goods, it must also be dedicated to beautifying, publicizing, and inducing the desire of consumers to purchase, and enhance the competitiveness of products in the market. Therefore, there is a great deal of knowledge in packaging, how packaging can directly affect the consumer's consumer psychology, resulting in the desire to buy or refuse to buy. If the business can do some articles on the packaging of goods, so that the packaging design of goods to meet the purchasing psychology of consumers, will greatly benefit the sale of goods.

First, the psychological activity process requirements for packaging

The psychology of the purchase of consumers refers to the process of psychological activities of consumers in purchasing activities, that is, the psychological trajectory of consumers' reactions to commodities. The complex and delicate psychological activities that occur during the purchase process of consumers influence the whole process of purchasing activities and govern the purchasing behavior. This process of psychological activity can be divided into three stages: cognition, emotion, and intention.

(a) The cognitive process.

It is the process of consumers' contact, understanding, and mastering of commodity information. It is the basis and precursor of purchasing activities. The cognitive process is compounded by several psychological activities such as attention, perception, memory, association, and thinking.

Attention is the direction and concentration of mental activity on a certain object, which is the basis of cognitive activity. In the modern society, there are a lot of goods. In shopping malls that are full of goods and overwhelming consumers, the first thing consumers see is the packaging of goods. However, customers do not stop in front of all goods. Only interested parties are found. The goods needed will be carefully watched and inquired. Therefore, merchandise must highlight new, extraordinary, and special, especially in similar products, must display a unique packaging materials, patterns, colors, logos, etc., so that the company's product packaging in the mall stands out, especially eye-catching. To enable consumers to enter the mall, unique and creative packaging can capture the eyes of customers from many products, attract their attention, make customers want to take it off the shelves to see, in order to further understand and consume The product has set aside.

Feeling in the purchasing activity is a subjective reflection of consumers' individual attributes of the product. As an objectively existing commodity, consumers can obtain individual preliminary information about the commodity through the external sensory organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body before the purchase, and then transmit it to the brain to form an individual product. The reflection of attributes. Therefore, the shape, color, and composition of goods should be properly printed and represented on the packaging of goods so that consumers can see at a glance and people have a strong visual impact. Consumers are very excited and feel that this product is for me. And design.

With the deepening of feelings, the analysis and synthesis of various sensory materials will form a reflection of consumers' overall characteristics of the product. This is perception. As the outer garment of the product, the packaging should present the relevant conditions of the internal product as much as possible. In addition to the above, the packaging should also exhibit the manufacturer, date, location, and product characteristics. Pass as much of the product information as possible to consumers through packaging, so that consumers can fully understand the overall situation of the relevant products. The packaging needs to induce consumers' desire to purchase from various aspects such as modeling, decorating trademarks, and usage instructions.

Memories and associations are reflections of what consumers have experienced, resulting in psychological phenomena. The exquisite packaging will leave a deep impression on the consumers, especially under the silent advertising of the packaging. The goods purchased by the consumers are indeed the same as those expressed in the packaging, and the goods that are satisfactory are bought. Then the consumer only needs to see The same or similar packaging will produce a sense of intimacy and trust. This type of packaged goods will become the first choice for consumers. In addition, the packaging design, creativity must be deep, so that consumers see this kind of packaging imagination, see the beauty cosmetics packaging to think of youthful and beautiful, see the local specialty packaging, my heart filled with a thick nostalgia . Only in this way can we emotionally impress the minds of consumers, enhance the memory of consumers, and create a positive emotional experience for consumers. On the basis of attention, perception, memory, and association, consumers enter a higher level of mental activity—thinking. It analyzes and integrates perceptual materials to enable people to obtain more comprehensive and more essential reflections on objective things. Consumers through the stage of thinking, a good or bad impression of a commodity and its packaging with the past related to the commodity and its merchandise, affecting the consumer's buying attitude, and then promote or inhibit the purchase activity.

(b) Emotional process. This is the process of subjective experience and feelings of consumers on commodities. This process of psychological activity forms the subjective attitude of consumers to commodities. This process is a key stage in the process of purchasing psychological activities. The tendency to buy or not to buy is clearly differentiated at this time. If consumers can produce a positive emotional experience, they will have a positive effect on purchasing desire and purchasing behavior; on the contrary, they will have suppression. effect. Therefore, commodity packaging should be novel and generous, unconventional, with a sense of freshness and modern awareness, so that consumers can see and touch, there is a new experience of high quality, extraordinary, and thus produce a positive emotional approval of the product. If commodity packaging wins the customer's "heart" in this process, the sales of the product will be successful.

(c) Intentional process. It is the process of consumer's will and behavior in the purchase activity, that is, the process of determining the purchase target and putting it into practice. Consumers, after the stage of cognition and affection, after summarizing and summarizing the relevant product information obtained through the packaging of goods at this stage, combined with their own needs, decided to take the purchase action. Under the publicity and attraction of commodity packaging, consumers purchase goods, experience through their use, as well as evaluation and inspection of family and social media, review their own behavioral results, and provide information for future purchases. If the consumer understands the situation through the purchase of the used product and the situation of the product known through the packaging, the consumer will leave a deep impression on the kind of packaging, resulting in a sense of trust, the next shopping will be the same or similar packaging special Favored; otherwise, it will refuse to buy.

In the process of consumers purchasing psychological activities, the three processes of cognition, emotion, and intention are closely linked and inseparable unity. Cognition is the basis of feelings and intentions; emotions affect cognitive activities and intentional activities. Positive emotions may promote the development of cognitive activities and promote the will and behavior of consumers to purchase. Negative feelings will inhibit recognition. Knowing the activities will hinder the will and behavior of the purchase; the will can control the feelings and conduct an objective and calm analysis. They restrict, infiltrate, and interact with each other.

In the entire activity of consumers purchasing psychology, the packaging of goods plays a subtle role that can guide consumers in the decision-making psychology from the need to the final purchase. The competition of modern enterprises and commodities is a full range of competition. The effect of commodity packaging is directly related to the sales of commodities. Among the many products that can be selected by consumers, consumers often have purchase desires and purchase behaviors due to the stimulation of attractive product packaging. Businesses in the market battle, we must cause a high degree of attention to the packaging, should be based on the purchase of psychological activities of the law, the design of commodity packaging should be observable, appreciation, so that the packaging and the customer's psychological purchase in tune. Especially in the international market, Chinese goods are often "first-class goods, second-rate packaging, and third-rate prices." Because of the backwardness of the packaging, it gives people the impression that the goods are poor, so they cannot afford the price and are left out of the consumer.

Second, packaging should be careful not to enter the misunderstanding Packaging is an important factor in the success of the sale of goods.

The beautiful and exquisite packaging can add color to the products, and clear the way for the sales of goods. However, in the process of implementing the packaging strategy, we must also pay attention to avoiding two errors:

(A) Pay attention to packaging and ignore product quality. Nowadays, commercial warfare is fierce. Many companies not only attach importance to the packaging problem, but also have achieved remarkable economic benefits by exploring the “packaging function.” The variety of commodity packaging is dazzling and the appearance is exquisite. However, some companies improperly use packaging strategies to unilaterally pursue the “packaging effect” of goods in order to mislead consumers and ignore the problems of the products themselves. As a result, some counterfeit and inferior commodities can be popularized under exquisite packaging and infringe consumption. The interests of the people. Between packaging of goods and the body of goods, packaging is only an auxiliary means and is a secondary aspect of contradiction. In the market competition, the product ontology is still the first place. Constantly improving the quality, developing new products, and closely linking the needs of the market are always the top concerns of the company. We emphasize the role of packaging here, but we should not put the cart before the horse and go to the other extreme. High-quality goods plus successful packaging are always strong players in market competition. If the quality of the goods is poor and the packaging is exquisite, consumers will not buy the goods after the purchase of the cheated for the second time, and the word of mouth among consumers will deteriorate, eventually losing the market. Therefore, when a merchant implements a packaging strategy, he must correct the relationship between the packaging and the product, and avoid deceptive packaging that is “outside the box”.

(b) Excessive packaging. This situation means that the packaging of the commodity exceeds the required degree and forms an unnecessary protection of the packaging. The manifestation is that it consumes too much material, the weight is too heavy, the internal volume is too large, the volume is too large, and the material is oversized. Excessive decoration, excessive costs, etc., greatly exceed the requirements for the protection and beautification of goods, giving consumers an unrealistic feeling. Many savvy businesses have found that packaging is a major issue in relation to whether or not a company’s products are competitive. Many commodities are relatively small, and the packaging is left one layer, right one layer and layers of consumers are peeled off. Only when they see the true colors of the face, this kind of over-packaging not only fails to provide the desired beautification and promotion, but also gives consumers the opposite. With a sense of cumbersomeness, there is a reversal of psychology, and overpacking increases unnecessary costs and increases packaging costs. Making full use of the charm of packaging to promote sales is legitimate, legitimate and understandable, but only under the premise of moderate packaging, can play a promotional value-added role. Some operators try to obtain greater economic benefits through over-packaging. However, in many cases, they are counterproductive and bring economic losses to themselves. This kind of “packaging function” is too much to do.

Third, the conclusion

Packaging is an important part of shaping product and corporate image quality, and it is also the most economical advertising carrier and competitive tool in corporate marketing. A foreign expert who researched market sales once said: “The packaging design is the most important one among the roads leading to the market. The promotion of packaging to the overall image is no less than advertising.” In the competition of similar products, it is very To a large extent, it can be said that the packaging and design competition, a commodity can enter the market, occupy the market, hold the market, in addition to a good product inherent quality, a large part of the role depends on the product packaging. Product packaging is the stepping stone to open the market.

Due to fierce market competition, companies are constantly exploring new forms of competition and competition.

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