Two examples of problem solving methods for plate making

First, transparent tape with revision
In the case of platemaking, a situation was encountered: the graphic of the printing plate consists entirely of the lines of the drawing, and the tape of the collage lines forms a print after the drying and is distributed on both sides of the line. In order to make the layout clean, tidy and clear lines, tape marks and dirt must be removed. However, the commonly used cleaning agents have a certain degree of diffusion and can be easily repaired by ordinary revision methods. Later, the following method was used to remove the tape marks without repairing the images. Namely: first wipe the layout of good plastic, to be the layout of the protection of plastic and water completely dry, and then cut a few paragraphs of transparent tape (slightly wider than the line), paste the line, especially the two sides of the line tight. This will prevent the repair agent from diffusing into the lines. After finishing the edition, gently lift the transparent tape.

Second, eraser erase version emergency
After the printing plate has been printed on the plate, it will be inked wherever the tape has been pasted, and of course the two sides of the line. Therefore, the first use of gasoline, hot water wipe several times, and then ink, this situation is still changing. Later it was wiped again with moisturizing powder and other things, and the layout was still the same. Although the use of amendments can remove stains, no one dares to try because it is easy to repair the lines. Later, someone suggested using an eraser, so he got an eraser and rubbed it twice along the lines with a softer one, and then inked it and found that the effect was very good. Not only wiped the layout clean, but also did not Damage graphic.

These are two small problems encountered in the work. They are solved by special methods. When colleagues encounter the same problem, they may try.

Source: China Design Printing Network

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