Demag Plastics Group Launches New EL-EXISS Rapid Cycle Injection Molding Machine

Demag Plastics Group has newly launched the EL-EXIS S rapid cycle injection molding machine with a maximum clamping force of 7,000 kN. The new high-performance machine maintains the advantages of the original EL-EXIS S series machines. The larger the size of the template and the wider spacing between the tie rods make it ideal for use in extremely heavy molds, multi-cavity molds, and laminated molds.

Demag Plastics Group's EL-EXIS S-Series injection molding machine inherits and optimizes the modular drive technology Demag has always advocated. It has an electric drive plasticizing and mold-removal device and a hydraulic high-speed injection system. Injection molding machines are unique in the market.

Extremely short cycle times can be achieved with the EL-EXIS S Series High Performance Injection Molding Machine. It can provide high plasticization rate, injection volume and fast response mold movement, and it is also very energy-saving compared with direct-pressure machines. Since its launch in 1999, EL-EXIS S has been widely recognized, especially in the production of plastic packaging products, an increasing number of processors are using EL-EXIS S machines to produce barrels, screw caps, containers and cover.

On the K2004 Demag exhibited two EL-EXIS S machines for plastic packaging, which attracted wide attention from the industry. Among them, the clamping force of EL-EXIS S 550/1020-3600 is 5500 kN, the distance between rods is 1020mm, and the screw diameter is 70mm. It is used to produce PP stencils. The mold used is supplied by Stackteck Company of Brampton ON, Canada. +24 mold cavity stacking; In addition, EL-EXIS S 150/500-610 has a clamping force of 1500 kN, a tie rod spacing of 500 mm, a screw diameter of 45 mm and is equipped with a set of N奻els Glaroform AG from Switzerland. A mold with a 1+1 cavity was used to inject a 500 ml lidded container and use an in-mold labeling process (IML) with the label decorated on the bottom, sides, and lid. For this purpose, an in-mold labeling system was built around the machine. Beck Automation, based in Oberengstringen, Switzerland, offers a special set of robots that can grip finished containers and lids at the same time and provide labels to molds.

With the ever-changing geometry of various packaging products, many packaging product processors began to consider the use of molds that can be equipped with more mold cavities and mold stacking machines. This means that the machine must have larger stencils, Wider tie spacing and larger die space, but also have a large plasticizing volume, high injection volume, very short cycle time. In response to such demand from processors, Demag expanded the EL-EXIS S's clamping force range (formerly 600 to 5500 kN) and recently introduced the EL-EXIS S 700 with a clamping force of 7000 kN. Although the clamping force of the machine has been improved a lot, it still retains all the features and attributes of the original EL-EXIS S series. This includes: High-speed injection using hydraulics to produce a package with a longer flow/thickness ratio Thin-walled products; mold-clamping devices with energy-saving dynamic electric drive; mold protection through piezo-electricity measurement is extremely sensitive. If necessary, the brake function can also be activated during the mold clamping process; there is a non-contact, high-sensitivity ultrasonic stroke measuring system; for complex molds and two-stage actions, free programming of neutron and ejector actions can be performed; electric metering drive, Can be independently plasticized and obtain high quality melt.

In addition, EL-EXIS S 700 has the following features: It has a square template without size restrictions, and the rod spacing is expanded to 1120mm, which is 100mm larger than EL-EXIS S 550; the rigidity of the template is enhanced by FEM-assisted design. , It can meet the needs of a very heavy die; the structure of the nozzle area has been strengthened; the template support adopts a low-friction coefficient recirculating ball bearing system, which ensures the freedom of movement of the opening and closing die and reduces the risk of die wear.

The EL-EXIS S 700 is available in three injection units that provide extremely high injection volumes and injection pressures. This solves the problem of insufficient mold filling caused by longer mold stacking runners. And because the hydraulic accumulator for high-speed injection is mounted directly on the fuselage, no extra space is required.

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