Chen De M5V Series Injection Molding Machine

M5V series injection molding machine reflects the design concept of combination, generalization, modularization and standardization. The machine has a large-capacity memory, can store dozens of sets of molding parameters, such as time, frequency, pressure, speed, stroke, position, mold thickness, barrel temperature and so on. The opening and closing of the mold can realize variable speed control, and can realize multi-level control over the injection molding process, and can realize the operation process of edge opening, edge pulling, edge ejection, and edge pre-molding in the same period of time. Its characteristics are:

● The mold-locking part adopts an involute obliquely-arranged five-joint double-bend and elbow structure. The opening and closing of the machine is stable and the clamping force is balanced;
● The box-type structure of the fixed template and the moving template reduces the weight of the traditional ribbed structure by 10% and the rigidity by more than 30%. The movable template is supported by an adjustable wedge to improve the smoothness of the movement;
● The injection device adopts double guide pillar support and double-cylinder balanced injection method. Through the optimization design of plasticizing components, the plasticization is even, and the adjustable multi-stage injection pressure and speed control can be realized.
● The control part adopts a reliable and high-precision injection molding machine microcomputer controller, a film touch-type operation panel and a large-screen liquid crystal display. The anti-interference ability is strong. The whole oil temperature monitoring and alarm system has a fault detection function and is easy to maintain.

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