Silk Screen Printing Rickets Analysis - Version Injury, Blisters

11. Version of Injury, Blisters

Outside the pattern on the printed fabric shows a regular color, small color spots, called version of the injury or trachoma. The color patches and the small color points appear in the same position on the clothes piece, appear regularly on the cloth cloth, and the pitch is equal to the running distance of the printing plate.

Causes: (1) The place where the plate of the printing plate outside the layout of the printing plate is bumped or there is a through hole after the repair. When the sealing line is not firm, there is a sand hole on the plate, and when the printing is scratched, the color paste passes through the through hole and on the fabric. On the presentation of the version of the wound. 2 There are small through-holes on the plate outside the plate pattern. The color paste passes through the small holes during squeegee printing, and the corresponding small spots appear on the composition, commonly known as "blisters." The generation of trachoma is mainly caused by screen unclean during plate making, dirt or large dust on the glass of the printing machine, insufficient exposure time, and too thin application of the photosensitive resin. The operation of the squeegee causes wear of the plate and generation of trachoma.

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