Offset sublimation ink

Offset sublimation ink is easy to use. It uses the same method as ordinary offset ink. The basic composition is four colors and thinner and diluting agent. After the desktop typesetting, output film, made PS version, on the offset press printing, four colors of ink to add a little thinner can adjust the printing thin, print a small amount of sample before the pilot test, watch the color difference with the original, which is printed in The color on the paper will be dark, and the sublimation transfer will show a bright color. If one or more colors are heavier, diluting agent can be added to lower it.


※Good printing performance

※The best water and oil balance

※ reasonable solid content

※ high degree of ink pile

※ High color concentration

※ Short drying time

※ After transfer, the color is bright and vivid, especially on the light-colored substrate surface, and the color scale performance is excellent.

Substrate for printing: Various types of paper with good oil absorption properties can be used.

product instructions:

Offset sublimation ink can be used directly. If the printed paper is thin (70-80 g), 1-2% thinner may be added.

Printing method: multi-color continuous overprinting. Moisturizers with (or without) isopropanol can be used.

Drying method: air oxidation drying or paper osmotic drying.

Transfer method: Transfer time: 10-25 seconds Transfer temperature: 180-210 degrees. Can be used hot ironing machine can also be used roller press hot.

Source: Hot Flower Printing

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