Fabric Printing Introduction

Fabric printing refers to the process of forming a pattern on a fabric by printing. Printing methods include: type printing, screen printing, drum type circular screen printing, transfer printing, and multi-color printing and other methods, wherein the screen printing comes from the type printing (including type paper and zinc plate), By manual operation, gradually semi-automated, fully automated, and later peaceful network development to the rotary screen type.

There are several printing methods for fabric printing:

1. Paint directly printed. The direct printing of the paint is to directly print the prepared printing paste onto the fabric. This is the simplest and most commonly used process in the printing process. Paint direct printing process generally refers to white or light-colored fabric printing, it is easy to spell color, the process is simple, after printing can be processed by bake, apply a variety of fiber textiles. The paint direct printing process can be classified into Accraming F-type adhesives based on the currently used adhesives. Acrylic adhesive, styrene-butadiene emulsion and chitin adhesive are three direct printing processes.

2. Silk printing. The main methods of silk printing include direct printing, discharge printing, and dye printing. The direct printing method has already been introduced. The method of discharge printing, transfer printing, and osmotic printing will be introduced separately in the following subsections. Here, the anti-inking printing method is mainly introduced.

3. Knitted underwear printing. The main application of knitted underwear printing is paint direct printing technology. After fabric printing, it can be double-baked or dried naturally to avoid problems such as easy deformation of wet processing of knitted fabrics and difficulty in wet processing of agricultural films. The printing method is mainly based on flat screen printing, and is divided into manual scraping and machine operation. This printing method can adapt to pattern patterns of various composition forms and organizational structures, and is suitable for production needs of small batches and multiple colors.

4. Discharge printing. Discharge printing, also known as stencil printing, refers to the use of discharge agents printed on colored fabrics, to destroy some of the pigment has been dyed, and thus obtain a variety of patterns, patterns of printing. Dispensing agents are chemicals that decolorize the dyed bottom. Such as: hanging white, stannous chloride and so on. This method can be divided into white (pull white) and pattern is colored (pull) two. The latter dyeing method makes the fabric pattern fine, but the process is complicated and the cost is high.

5. Silk screen burnt. The burn-in system uses two kinds of fiber blended fabrics with different acid resistance. After the acid burn-in paste printing and chemical processing, the acid-resistant natural fibers are partially rotted, exposing acid-resistant chemical fibers to form crystal clear flowers. Type, its special style makes burnt-out products with high-grade and beautiful feeling. Burnt-out products are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have excellent internal quality. They are wear-resistant, high-strength, good-cleaning, quick-drying, and non-ironing. They are welcomed by domestic and foreign markets. The research and application of burnt-out technology has prevailed in the textile printing and dyeing industry in recent years.

6. Wool fabric printing. At present, the printed wool fabrics are mainly thin plain fabrics or voile fabrics. Most of them are used to make women's shirts, dresses, quilts and skirts. In addition to direct printing, wool fabric printing also includes printing, anti-printing and transfer printing. Wool blend fabric printing also occupies a certain percentage. At present, the embossing of wool fabrics is also popular and is mainly used for woolen sweaters.

7. Velveteen printing. Diamond printing utilizes the characteristics of silk screen printing on velveteen to obtain a special flash effect that can emit natural diamonds under sunlight.

8. Foam printing. There are many kinds of fabric special printing, foam printing is one of them. Foam printing is characterized by: strong three-dimensional impression, similar to artificial embroidery, soft to the touch, wear-resistant, washable, fastness, good elasticity, and can be widely used in tablecloths, curtains, tea towels, handkerchiefs, pillow covers, clothing, travel Souvenirs and other aspects. It can not only be applied to natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, hemp and silk, but also can be applied to artificial fiber fabrics.

9. Flocking printing. Electrostatic flocking is a new technology that is currently emerging in the textile industry. It is a product that uses high voltage electrostatic fields to plant short fibers on top of a grey cloth. Flocking products have a simple process, strong three-dimensional effect and low cost, so they are widely used in rubber, plastics, artificial leather, and decorative products, especially for small-batch tourism products. The use of flocking patterns on shoes and hats, children's wear, logos, and apparel will make it look unique.

10. Transfer printing. Transfer printing is a printing process that accomplishes the coloring effect by relying on the sublimation of the dye and the effect that the dye vapor has on the diffusion and affinity of the fibers. Transfer printing is a kind of printing and dyeing production method that is more practical in water-free processing. In addition to not using water, one of the main features is the small paper deformation, so you can print fine multi-level patterns and photographic images. Really transfer the picture of the pattern to the cloth. The effect is sometimes better than general anti-discharge printing.

In addition to the above ten kinds of common printing methods, there are some special printing methods, such as: transfer of aluminum foil printing, photoluminescent printing, fluorescent printing, gold, silver powder printing, paint foam printing, color printing, fragrance printing, diamond printing and Pearl printing, etc., printing methods.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

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