China Adhesive Market Analysis

Although China's adhesives market is a young industry compared to other industries, with the rapid development of the flexible packaging industry, the adhesive market is also becoming more and more intense. How to survive in the fierce competition is an issue that every company will consider, but how to establish their own brand under the premise of survival, but not every company has the ability to do it. At present, the domestic market has three worlds, one is an international brand with strong capital and technology, and the second is a domestic and above-scale enterprise that seeks to survive by quality, seek innovation through innovation, and pursue the road to branding; Small company that survives.

Bend the body of the international brand

Henkel, Rohm and Haas, Mitsui Takeda, these international brands to their customers with their strong financial foundation and technical strength, excellent product quality. Compared with domestic companies, competition has not yet started and they have won at the starting line. However, with the rapid growth of domestic companies, the expansion of these international brands in the Chinese market has also encountered a large number of opponents of the siege, had to bend their noble body, and to compete with domestic companies in a fierce all-round competition.

Henkel has set up factories in China and has established its own marketing team. It can compete positively with domestic companies and do all-out fighting in the high-, middle- and low-end adhesives market.

Rohm and Haas promotes water-based adhesives and has been actively cultivating this market. The current results are significant. Water-based adhesives have been recognized by companies and there is a tendency to gradually replace polyurethane adhesives. Rohm and Haas also occupies many markets for domestic water-based adhesives with its superior quality.

Mitsui Takeda has been implementing its own medium-to-high-end adhesives for large and medium-sized companies in an agent-based manner. But perhaps because Mitsui Takeda has won the praise and recognition of customers for many years, and the product quality is known for its stability. Therefore, Mitsui Takeda's domestic service is relatively unsatisfactory.

In the process of seizing the market with domestic enterprises and industries, these international brands are also caught in the whirlpool of low prices. Because of a solid foundation of funds, in some areas, it can even be sold at a lower price than domestic brands. Other international brands will not take high prices with the high quality of service as they did before. But because of this, it is even worse for the development of domestic companies.

Winning small company

The domestic company, which is a small company in China, has a place in the domestic adhesive market and is also the main force of disorderly competition. Many small companies are engaged in direct and vicious price competition. All of them speak at low prices and do not care about quality. In order to squeeze into the market to ensure their own survival space, the quality of the quality of the stability of the quality of the premise of low prices User companies can only pray for the shelter of God, but in the ordinary circumstances, God is nothing but a blind eye.

In addition to the low prices pushed by small companies in order to snatch the living space, there are still some upsets of old companies. Some enterprises, as one of the earliest producers of adhesives in the country, began to buy foreign formulations from the beginning of their establishment. For more than ten years, they have been using a type of adhesive to go global, with little research and development. In the fierce market reshuffle process, naturally it will gradually be at a disadvantage. In the end, it can only compete for customers at a low price, and gradually losing the customer base is also a frustration.

The lack of research and development, and its imperfections in research and development, have become common problems for many domestic companies. The eagerness for quick success and instant benefit only wants the fastest output, and is unwilling to do research and development work that requires long-term investment. The research and development expenses are less than 0.3% of sales, which is in stark contrast to the big investment made by international big brands in scientific research experiments. The shortage of research and development and the direct consequences of meager profit competition will be the stagnation of the entire market.

The mainstay of survival in the cracks

In the fierce competition, there is also such a main force. They firmly believe that only by receiving the satisfaction of the end customers and being responsible for the final customers can they really win the long-term market. They strictly manage quality and do not survive at low prices and low quality. However, because of this, they faced a more difficult situation, and they could not compete with international brands with strong technical strength in terms of quality. They could not compete with domestic small enterprises in terms of prices, making these companies assiduously on the road to branding. The company is like living in the cracks.

Of course, they also have their own advantages. They are flexible, able to make timely efforts to meet customer needs, urgency of the needs of customers, and improve the meticulous completion of pre-sale and after-sales service. This is what the international big brands are currently lacking in the domestic market. It is also the small businesses that are unable to do so.

However, any company will actually consider the problem. No company will be willing to pay for the promotion of a brand. Therefore, there is such a strange phenomenon: the same company, to treat different products, consider the safety of quality will use high-cost international brands; consider the cost, will buy low-quality products can not guarantee the quality of low-priced products, and domestically-made regular brand The product cannot be accessed. For example, Kanghe and Gaomeng have paid a lot of manpower and material resources in R&D services. Enterprises that are reluctant to reduce standards in the purchase of raw and auxiliary materials have no ability to compete at low prices. They are therefore in a position toå°´å°¬ å°´å°¬ status.

The two brands, Kanghe and Gaomeng, are undoubtedly the mainstay of China's current adhesive market. They win their loyal customers with high-quality service and high-quality products. They all have a professional foundation that they are proud of. Perfect service makes international brands inferior. In terms of research and development, Kanghe's annual R&D expenditure accounts for 3% to 5% of sales, which is rare for many domestic companies. It is also a magic weapon for Kanghe to go all the way in the years of market competition.

China's adhesive market, who will do a great job, we will wait and see. We hope not only China's Henkel, China's Rohm and Haas, but also China's own world brand, 50 years, 100 years forever Go on.

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