Pattern: An Important "Visual Communication Element" of Print Advertising (I)

The pattern is an important "visual communication element" of print advertising, and color is superior to other elements in visual communication. Today, with the rapid development of electronic platemaking and printing machinery, advertising has mushroomed. However, advertising for outdoor light boxes as a semi-permanent print advertisement uses auxiliary lights and transparencies, making them both in daylight and at night. Can play the following role:

To attract the attention of passers-by; to enhance the realism of the item; to render the product breath, to induce the consumer's desire to purchase; to reinforce the special impression of the advertisement.

In the design and production of outdoor light box advertising screens, in order to recover the sense of reality and artistry, color printing or photo printing is often used; light boxes are also produced on the special paper, plastic sheet (film), and light box cloth by means of screen printing. Screens, and selection of manufacturing methods and materials based on their cost of replication, weatherability, and other requirements. This article discusses the application of its production technology on the characteristics of the light box advertisement, the main constituent materials and the pattern production process.

First, the characteristics and types of outdoor light box advertising

Lightbox advertisements are also known as "light box posters" or "night-night posters." It is called "semi-permanent" street art abroad. Outdoor lightbox advertising is distinguished from other types of advertising. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Large screen:

A large number of print advertising media are used for indoor or small-scale communication with a small format, while outdoor light box advertisements display advertising content through door headings, bulletin boards, and pole light box paintings. Compared with other graphic advertisements, the illustrations are large and the fonts are large and striking.

2. Farsightedness:

The function of the outdoor light box advertisement is to convey information to outdoor people and distant people through natural light (daytime) and auxiliary light (night). The advertising works have strong far-sighted effects, and people who are right in the fast pace, high efficiency, and hurry of modern society pay attention to them at a distance.

3. Wide content:

In public transportation, transport, security, welfare, savings, insurance, taxation, etc.; in commercial products, businesses, tourism, services, etc.; in culture, education, art, etc. Play a role.

4. Concurrent:

There are many forms of display, with both text and color features, from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, business intentions to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, and norms. Through ideas and unique ideas, we will firmly grasp the "ring" of inducing consumers' desire for purchase, and achieve the purpose of advertising through the heterogeneity of visual communication.

5. Fixed and complex:

No matter what kind of form the outdoor light box advertisement adopts, it has its fixed requirements in a certain range and position. As a permanent display device as Feng, its basic structure is more complex than other forms of advertising. Including frames, cladding materials, pattern printing layers, windbreaks, rain and snow structures, and lighting facilities at night as lighting make copying costs higher than other advertisements in one piece.

There are many types of outdoor lightbox advertisements. At present, there is no way to clearly classify the types of lightboxes. But from the scope of application and into the movie, clothing advertising (poster light box painting); alcohol advertising (light box painting, selling point display card): Banking, insurance advertising (door, pillar light box painting); electrical advertising (selling point Display boards, floor-standing light boxes; subway stations, bus kiosks, etc., for example, the product type of an advertising production company (see Table 1).

Table 1

Product Type Structure Shape Max Size (m) Pattern Material, Printing Process

Pole type rectangular


Synthetic paper, light box cloth, organic board (inkjet printing, screen printing)





Hanging square


Synthetic paper, light box cloth, organic board (inkjet printing, screen printing)





Floor type bus stop station stop 1.5×3.5

Synthetic paper, organic board (screen printing, ink jet printing)

Product display 1.2×2.5

City map 1.2×1.5


1. Reduced design
2. Anti-slip velvet
3. High toughness carbon steel
4. PU chassis
5. PVC upper

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