Water-based gravure ink

Water-based gravure ink is a new type of ink that is low-toxic or practically non-toxic, non-irritating, non-flammable and non-explosive, and is most suitable for gravure printing of food packaging. However, general water-based gravure inks have the disadvantages of lack of light, volatilization, and low concentration. If printed with ink, the effect of printing can be achieved with clear text, complete dot, strong color, and distinctly structured prints.

Water-based gravure ink has the following characteristics:

1 It has no pungent taste, is not flammable and explosive, meets the requirements of environmental protection, and can guarantee the health of workers to a certain extent, and contributes to safe production;
2 The printing effect is good, the text is clear, the dot is complete, and the hair color is strong;
3 not impermeable, non-proliferation, kneading indiscriminately, light grayishness;
4 can meet the requirements of rapid printing, to create conditions for the development of gravure printing technology, on behalf of the development direction of gravure ink.
Water-based gravure inks consist of water-soluble resins, pigments, various additives and water. In the process of formula design, we must explore and test and identify the properties and indicators of the formulation, process, physics, and chemistry.
In the selection of pigments, tests have shown that salt-based lake pigments and soluble azo pigments are unsuitable due to the presence of phosphate groups, carboxyl groups, and the like that react with amines and other ions in alkaline media. The pigments will undergo reactive coagulation, other pigments are suitable, if you can make filter cake with active agent, you can improve efficiency.
In order to prevent foaming during use, defoamers such as tributyl phosphate, dibutyl phosphate, and silicone oil may be added to the formulation in an amount of about 0.5%. Stabilizers and dispersants may be used to prevent coalescence and mold during storage and transportation. , Such as light silicone, sodium hexametaphosphate and so on. Antisepsis can be used benzoyl, sodium benzoyl sodium, etc., the amount of 0.5% to 1.1%.
According to experience, the design of the water-based gravure ink in the viscosity, dryness, preferably controlled in the following range:
Ink viscosity (25°C, rotational viscometer) (50-105)×10-3 Pa·s
Initial dry (25°C) 10-20mm/15s
Dry (25°C) ≤160s/100μm

Dry forms of water-based inks cannot be ignored. Due to the large latent heat of evaporation of water, the drying speed is slowed down. At the same time, due to unstable decomposition of the ammonium salt caused by heat, so it is mainly volatile evaporation, and reactive solidification and drying, once the ink film is dry, no longer soluble in water.
Since the ink is of water-based type, the printing unit is required to have corresponding cooperation in respect of different papers in printing production, dye drying equipment, and operation and the like.
Water-based gravure ink production and production technology, some of the ink film properties (gloss and resistance properties), printing and storage stability (viscosity stability, mold), drying speed (material deformation, printability) is The key points that still need to be solved need further study and solution.

attention please:
1. This recipe is a reference recipe for technical personnel to learn and use for reference. Paint Formulation Network shall not be responsible for any loss caused by using this formula for other purposes.
2. Changing raw materials may result in different results. Therefore, it is necessary for you to personally test and evaluate the test results to ensure that the formula meets your needs.
3. It is forbidden to transfer this formula to a third party without authorization from the coating formulation network.

Source: Coating Formulation Network

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