Oppenheimer Launches Latest Degradable Kiwi Package

The Oppenheimer Group and Earthcycle Packaging Inc. announced that their latest degradable kiwifruit packaging has officially opened in supermarkets such as Wal-Mart.

With this kind of degradable packaging, Wal-Mart uses its exquisite design and natural features to help consumers recognize the retailer's concern for environmental issues.

Shannon Boase, founder and president of Earthcycle Packaging, said that we had previously cooperated with Wal-Mart’s Sustainable Packaging Group, which deepened our belief in sustainable packaging.

According to reports, Earthcycle's raw materials come from farms in the west of Malaysia. This farm has a history of planting all year round. The kiwifruit packaging promoted by these two companies to Wal-Mart is of great importance to the palm oil industry in Malaysia. It has given new life to waste and will eventually return to the soil.

Earthcycle trays use EmptyFruitBunch (EFB) palm fiber, which is a waste of palm fruit harvested and pressed. In the past, these wastes were often burned or landfilled. Now it has been approved by the FDA for food grade packaging and is degradable (ASTM D 6400). By putting it in fertilizer, it can degrade within 90 days, which is very beneficial to the soil.

In order to protect the kiwifruit in the inner packaging, the tray is covered with NatureFlex film. This film is also processed from a degradable material (ASTM D 6400). The specific material is a wood pulp fiber. Even labels and adhesives on packaging are made of environmentally friendly materials and the ink is water soluble. This packaging has passed the European OKHomeCompost license (EN13432).

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