Guangxi Leye International Outdoor Competition will open

Guangxi Leye International Outdoor Competition will open on 2016-03-14 16:15

Located in the southeast of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Leye County is a typical Karst karst landform in southwestern China. It has a unique geological environment and is a rare and longevity health belt in the world. Due to its large scale, the Dashiwei Tiankeng Group in the county is known as the capital of Tiankeng. Unique geographical advantages have created the natural outdoor base characteristics here. Every year in mid-April, the annual Baise International Mountain Outdoor Sports Challenge will be held in Shancheng.

The International Mountain Outdoor Challenge will include mountaineering, downhill, mountain cross-country, mountain biking, rafting, and canoeing. In addition to selecting famous attractions such as Dashiwei Tiankeng, Longpan Tianchi, and Buliu River Xianren Bridge, the event is designed to increase the difficulty of the competition. Many stages are rugged and inaccessible. They are called devil stages.

The white mist of music industry shrouded in clouds, like a dream like a fairyland on earth. At the same time, the content of negative oxygen ions is extremely high and the virgin forest is dense, such as a natural oxygen bar. Coupled with rich tourism resources and colorful cultural landscapes, it also brings many tagged images to the music industry. It is popular as a place for outdoor, tourism, leisure and vacation.

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