Sample cosmetic bottle packaging concept needs to change

Now, with the intensified competition in the cosmetics market, more and more cosmetic companies are beginning to use their brains in marketing. This is a lot of cosmetics companies in cosmetic samples. In many cases, we found that the number of samples presented was far more than the number of cosmetics that we purchased. This is a signal for cosmetic bottle companies. The small-capacity cosmetic bottle market has great potential.

For small cosmetics bottle packaging, the sample cosmetics on the market are exactly the same as the packaging of cosmetics, but they are “shrinking” on the same basis. Many cosmetic companies purchase cosmetic bottles that are sampled and are also purchased from suppliers of cosmetic bottles. However, I believe that the cosmetics bottle packaging market will gradually become independent in the future. For companies that specialize in the production of small cosmetic bottles and packaging, breakthroughs must be made in this market to transform the appearance and concept of small cosmetic bottles. Once you get a breakthrough you will get a lot of market space.

For our cosmetics companies, if we want to make breakthroughs in the market, we need to change the concept of sample cosmetics packaging.

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